Have u ever had a "interview assignment"? If so, how did it go? Just had my first one. Waiting on results. It was using open weather API pulling weather from the (4) states where their offices are located.

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    Yeah. Had one where I had to debug and fix purposely bugged program which pulled tweets with particular tags and stored those in a database.

    The catch was it was written in Java while I knew no Java but knew C#.

    I've managed to fix it in the end with some hints about things I did not know. I didn't get a position but it was not bad as I already had a position and was just curious about such unusual interview.
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    Had a C# I did well on as the first person they ever did the test on. It was a test online combined with visual studio on the side to test.

    There were no indication there were unit tests I had to pass on the first question. I could only see those after I did the first build online.

    After that then for each new code test, then I just ran the unit tests to see what their conditions were.

    Came in for a 1st and 2nd interview. The 3rd was a rejection interview. While I did as well the others, then they went with another man.
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    They come in varying degrees of difficulty and complexity. The ones that require you to learn and use new tools within a few days really annoy me.
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    @Root Literally the last one I did.

    So you have no webdev experience at all? Never heard of RESTful APIs? Well here are the specs: Build a restful API that accesses a MySQL database using CRUD ops. You must use Spring Boot, Spring Data, Swagger for documenting, implement rollbacks and write integration tests. Also, use docker to make it easier to test on our end. Got a little less than four days to do it, best of luck!

    I'm already pretty white, but I'm pretty sure I went milk white while reading that email... Worst part was, the specs where pretty vague and I had to take a number of educated guesses as to what they actually wanted...
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    Throughout the years I had some. Always passed them. I don't mind such assignments as it gives something concrete to talk about. I do hate assignments in which they ask you to solve some mathematical problem. That's just not fair as it assesses your math skills and not your programming skills.
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    @nanoandrew4 Wow! Mines was no where near that. Geeze.
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    @Root Yes! This was my first one and I had to learn a new CSS framework. It wasn't hard tho.
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    @jespersh Do they only give them to select candidates? Or is it a standard procedure?
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    @DivSyntax My last one...

    I had to build a Rails 5 web application using Angular that allowed users to produce and email custom content (html converted to pdf) to themselves or others. I decided on a MapQuest clone.

    I needed to learn and implement:
    - Google maps and directions apis
    - Angular 2
    - wicked pdf
    - Rails 5's webpacker
    - Rails' Action Mailer (Or Mandrill, but they banned me instantly every time I signed up... no clue why; never got a support response, either.)

    I don't remember how long I had, but it was only days. ☹

    Took the lazy buttface two to three weeks to get back to me. I almost used the project to email him directions from his office to Hell, Michigan.
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    @DivSyntax I doubt they give them to all the candidates, that would be a nightmare to review. If you did an interview prior to that, you were probably selected to do the test. Then again, if it's not that big a test they might be willing to hand it out to more people...

    Not sure if all companies do this, but then they might schedule another interview to pick through your code (I had to go in front of the architects to defend my project) and that's probably the end of it. Either a thumbs up or you're done there. In my (very limited) experience anyways.
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    @nanoandrew4 Thanks for the info.
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    @DivSyntax of the 6 or 7 they interviewed, were 3 tested
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    @jespersh So I'm guessing I made a good impression. Well, we'll see how good my code actually messures up. 😥
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