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    At first when I read this,I was like ??? You are using a browser icon ? Everyone will open that folder !!
    Then I realised which browser this is πŸ™‚πŸ€£
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    You could have a lot of fun with this at school. :p
    Just write a little "virus" and spread it on the school's PCs as an icon for internet explorer.
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    If you have to hide your folders from someone using the same account, the joke's on you.
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    Ninja technique
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    Just a little joke, not real solution
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    That is probably how my secret folders will be deleted 😏
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    That's called hiding in plain sight. πŸ˜‚
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    Considering that every living human.. nay, every living thing hates IE, having an icon for it on the desktop is a huge giveaway that it is something suspicious. Everyone will naturally assume it is some fucked up porn (which it probably is🀣), they are sure gonna look into it.

    You chances are higher with the Edge icon though, give it a try. πŸ‘
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    Genius! lol never thought of this!

    This would have been great back in the day when I shared a computer with my entire family.
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    If you're already in the properties-window, you could just check the "Hidden"-box ._.
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