So ... I'm just watching an anime (Musaigen no Phantom World) ... and this scene isn't related to the main plot. This is the intro of the third episode - the intros of the first two episodes were about the "phantoms", "illusions" ... :)

It starts with a blue screen and the little fairy (it's a phantom btw) said: "When the PC goes crazy, you panic quickly."

In the screenshot he says: "It is important to back up your data somewhere in case of an emergency."

A second screenshot is added in the comments.

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    She says: "Haruhiko often panics because he catches strange viruses on strange sites!"

    :D Well ...
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    It's even getting better :D

    "You know, Haruhiko has looked at pages on which many big-bosomed women ... !"
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    Newer caught any viruses from porn sites 😐
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    Golden advice - pls backup your impt data
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    @trollonaboat what if I don't have any important data? 🤔
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    @irene then you might be satisfied with engaging free cloud storage services (e.g. Google drive) to hold the (unimportant) data. Lucky you!
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    @irene if a machine doesn't handle important data at all, it can be used as a por- ahem - questionable material access terminal quite safely.
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    @trollonaboat never had any problems with porn. Never were any viruses from those.
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    @irene Well - the problem are more or less ads of those sites (and the fact that some sites can get the phone number). Therefore adblock or using the main porn sites :P
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    @Irithyll I don't use those shady ads. They are means for dumb and naive people 🤷
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    @irene I edited my comment. Some people don't use adblockers on their cell phones.

    A sister of my ex searched for images via Google and on a specific site there was an ad. She clicked on the x to close. First of all - this specific ad / the site behind this ad gets phone numbers through a normal browser. Secondly, a contract was immediately concluded - money money money.

    Of course this should be prevented automatically by the mobile phone provider on the one hand and on the other hand it should not be possible to get phone numbers via a browser without much effort.

    There are some good ads though. Some ... maybe.
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    @Irithyll contract through browser? How that is even possible?
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    @irene "Contract" - I'm sorry, don't know the specific term for such things. Btw it was some years ago ^^

    There are several sim card services you could use - like weather, other information etc.
    I think it's something like that but I really don't know.

    They can use your phone number for debiting money. It's not really a contract but ... it's like you're accepting to pay for this service without your consent. But the "consent" was clicking on the x for closing this ad :D
    That it's still possible somehow is very ... strange ... hm.
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    @Irithyll very strange
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