Hello, does anyone know of a way to prevent constant long-term brain fatigue?

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    Breaks and hobbies.
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    Healthy and varied diet.
    Periods of mental rest.
    Different and interesting mental tasks.
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    No brain =no brain fatigue
    Become A zombie
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    Go camping 🏕️
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    @taigrr I definitely agree with camping.

    Also: Regular exercise, regular sleep schedule, and decent diet.

    Plus doing something fun that has nothing to do with your regular mental load every now and then.
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    Constant long-term vacation.
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    @2nd2NULL and then become a zombie
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    Get a non tech Hobbie. Hiking, camping, cycling, whatever you like most. Ideally something that you must totally focus on, works well for me at least.
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    Meditate, take breaks while working (like 5 min every 20min of work)
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    Digital detox. Avoid your phone, laptop, TV or any device for a day. Chill out with friends, read or do anything where you can be active.
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