Would you work 100 hour weeks?

I just read that some developers of game company Rockstar had to work 100 hour weeks because of a deadline for Red Dead Redemption 2.

“We were working 100-hour weeks [several times in 2018],” lead writer Dan Houser explained.

So... would you accept or refuse?

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    Unless I really love working on it

    No, I don’t care how much the salary is
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    Depends. If I had no gf, no house to take care of and enjoyed creating this game, I might. Altrough have I had any influence in co. I would slap the marketer for setting up idioticly "short" deadline :D
    (my friend is a no-lifer and a great coder just as described)
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    Typically, refuse. Its not my fault marketting made terrible decisions.

    I'm not going to fix their fuck ups.
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    @devTea Pretty much. You wouldn't have time to enjoy it anyway. Working around 14.3 hours a day 7 days a week is just insane.
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    @Jilano agree, even 60 hourish is too much for me let alone 100
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    I have a 40 hour contract, I reflect upon that that my tasks are doable within said 40 hours ...
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    Will surely say "NO" to such routine.

    A person would have to sacrifice Friends, Family time, Health & above all his/her own time.
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    Working 100hr a week will just drive me crazy after couple weeks and I will lack motivation!
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    @FahadAlt N O S T R U G G L E N O P R O G R E S S I O N
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    I'm wondering how many of the people who said that Telltale shouldn't do that and if they knew it befor e they wouldn't buy their games anymore will actually do it with Rovkstar
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    @SukMikeHok that’s struggle with high pressure, you will burned out wether you believe it or not lol
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    it depends
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    @FahadAlt "But you don't understand, you're going to pay less taxes if you die at 25!"
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    I would say "no". On top of that, it wouldn't even be legal to work that much where I live. Fuck such deadlines, let them do proper planning with buffers next time.
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    Hell to the no. That's more than double what I work in a week now, and I'm already exhausted at the end of the day. Why should I have to pay with my physical and mental health for an unrealistic deadline.
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    Ahh, crunch.

    But 100 hours is insane even for that.
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    If I'm allowed to have two 0 hour weeks after why not
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    @ohemelaar holidays are coming then!
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