Rant: "I want to try linux, what should I choose?"
Comment: "Arch."

Rant: "Hmm, apt-update have nothing in two weeks.."
Comment: "switch to Arch, its..."

Rant: "windows update is so fckin ann...."
Cokkent: "You shoulf have switch to linux already, try Arch."

Congratulation Arch, you have a few loyalist in here

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    There's a lot of linux fanboys here.

    Especially Arch.
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    @Stuxnet There ain’t that many (except for communities like r/unixporn pr things like that), it’s just that they are loud assholes

    And also: I use arch btw
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    @-vim- @Stuxnet

    Nothing to add, I just wanted to mention I use Antergos+Arch+(GNU+Linux).
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    Who actually uses it? Really wonder who's just saying they do.
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    Frankendebian ftw.
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    @segfault0xff Far more than the btw I use arch people ^^
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    Arch FTW !!!!!!!
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    @Proximyst I'll probably try it out eventually.. entirely too busy presently
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    @segfault0xff It's broken in n^i ways, you'll miss Debian or whatever you use
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    @Proximyst the linux distro I use is Kali, for reverse engineering and malware analysis purposes.
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    @segfault0xff Then you'll still miss it, cause nothing is as broken as Arch in my experience
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    Ubuntu? No? Okay...
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    ...and when they learn what they can not tweak/optimize, they come to us.

    GENTOO! (Whoops, sorry... too loud: "gentoo...") 8^D

    Nah, just kidding. Arch rocks! Second best distro in the world, right after Gentoo! ;-)
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    @jackbanditdude I'm with you on ubuntu. It is also the distro required for my work. So no, I won't set up Arch.
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    @Root I used Gentoo for a long time (init system and control you had where brilliant). Was not practical on laptop though (to slow compiling) Arch was as close to it as I could get.
    So Arch user for years now. Still have a warm hearth towards Gentoo
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    @hjk101 It depends on what you do with what. I had Gentoo on a Raspberry Pi 2, and built LibreOffice on it. Ran fine using LxQt.

    (Note: Of course I cheated and used distcc to build 9 out of 10 files on two other machines. :-) For Gentooers: sys-devel/crossdev ^^)

    However, the Machine I first ever used Gentoo on was an old IBM ThinkPad with Intel Pentium Pro processor sporting astonishing 233MHz. It all depends...
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    I tried Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Opensuse, Arch and several derivates.
    And I have to say, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora are my favorites.
    Arch, on the other hand, was the pretty much shittiest distro I've ever used.
    Tiny repository, all the good stuff has to be installed from AUR, which could be considered mostly insecure, since its community driven.
    No alternative-system.
    Unstable and overcomplicated,
    Not even freaking network-manager worked.
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    @Bitkris Yes, you can make Plasma (KDE) mimic Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. ;-)

    Examples : https://ubuntupit.com/12-best-kde-p... (See 8. Klone10)
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    I only tell people I use arch if they ask me OK?
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    Raspbian is the pinnacle of any linux distro Kappa

    on a srs note, its astonishing how a raspberry pi would actually fulfill the office requirements in the company i work if they wouldnt need MS Office for their stuff
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    @SuryaK IF they ask you sure.
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    @segfault0xff jokes aside there's Black Arch for that, if you want to try it out.
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    @segfault0xff I use Arch (for real) btw
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    Kali has what I need for now
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    I'm definitely not an arch person, debian based (or RHEL) systems ftw!

    And (although not in the same amounts), I've also seen quite some windows and Macos fanboys around here (just wanted to mention this).
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    Wow. I never expected its gonna be a long thread about Linux distro's... And there's two or more voices about downside of arch.. Interesting.. I think I'll postpone to try arch. Lol

    @linuxxx yeaa but their haters speaks louder than their fanboy (windows and mac)
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    @gajahterbang I like arch but I need a stable system, arch isn't stable per definition so... yes.
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    Kubuntu/KDE neon is pretty good for developers interested in being actually productive.
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    I'm on Arch, KDE-Plasma, NetworkManager, 3 monitors, I update as soon as it's available (sometimes it breaks but I have my live USB stick), I never can't find packages....
    And I NEVER had problems to install these packages.
    ANNND thanks to arch I'm a grub god now (you have to know how to resurrect arch, after you get that, you can live for eternity)

    I think I'm about to stay in love with arch forever!

    The only thing I hate is that they merged all binary locations by default (i.e. /bin /usr/bin /sbin ...)
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    Unpopular opinion here, when someone spends a day just to install an os and make it usable, they fall in love with it, it's like a parental instinct, they are proud of their child, even if it's one stupid pain in the ass.
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    @phreakyphoenix I need ~20 Minutes to install Gentoo into a bootable state, and after reboot another ~40 Minutes for a custom kernel and a DE.
    Last Windows install, with all updates, took longer with far less action.
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    @Yamakuzure windows will work without the updates absolutely well. And windows takes about 10 minutes to install with next ro no user interaction.
    And even a basic user with no computer knowledge, will usually not make mistakes with a windows installation, with arch its completely opposite. That's what I meant.
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    @phreakyphoenix This wasn't meant as a competition. My point is simple: You do not need "a day to install an OS", even with Gentoo.

    The reason I fell in love with Gentoo is something completely different: Full control over and thus responsibility for my system. No other OS gives me that. Nothing. Nada. NULL.

    Everywhere else companies or "packagers" want to tell me how to install and use what packages with which features.

    With Gentoo you do not rely on a Distributor, you are your own distributor.

    If you only want to turn on your computer, not caring much, just use it, then Gentoo is the wrong thing and not for you. But if you want to learn you system inside out, enabling you to quickly recognize, dissect and solve any arising issues, then maybe it's worth a try.
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