"yes, a university degree isn't necessary to become successful, but that doesn't mean you can waste your time playing games or watching youtube for half a day.

stop complaining about the system and get your ass to work. do something, anything. stop fucking around with your life."

...is what i told a friend and he hasn't messaged me for 2 weeks. i see him on discord all the time, playing runescape or some shit.

i'm 24 and he's 22. he dropped out because he was too lazy to go to uni every 2 days.

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    It's not a battle between being lazy and doing the work. It's about finding the motivation to do the work. And that's the only thing the system (uni) can help you at.
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    As someone who works part time, studies full time and still manages to find time for games and personal projects - I agree.

    As someone who hates people putting nose into matters that do not concern them - that's none of your business.
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    @electrineer motivation is a great first step but you don't finish anything without a healthy dose of discipline.
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    @HelloUglyWorld As long as you are not forceful, you can give your judgement to a friend about their affairs.
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    I agree, except I didn't write much context behind the story when I posted this rant.

    When he's DMing me twice a day about how he's so lazy, can't find a job, about to become homeless and playing League of Legends 16 hours a day, I can only tell him to face the truth and get his ass to work. After all, this IS my dear friend that we're talking about here.

    Otherwise, I don't stick my nose into people's businesses. Nothing good ever comes out of it.

    Edit: He's in bronze 2. Just adding, because he'll never be a pro.
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