What are your thoughts on Apple's latest conference where it introduced the new iPad and updates to Mac Mini and Macbook Air?

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    For the IPad: I like the design and the apple pencil is a pretty solid upgrade. The price is still steep and I'm not sure I'm going to upgrade from my 10 inch IPad Pro.

    For the MacBook Air: I think everything except the keyboard is a win. Honestly, it's a really solid upgrade. Basically a MacBook with a 13-inch screen. The keyboard though for me just doesn't have enough travel to type on it for long sessions. This is honestly why I got a pixel book so I could do development with a decent keyboard on the go with solid battery life.

    For the Mac Mini: This is honestly the winner here. Solid upgrades all around and the space grey finish looks awesome. I might even pick up a few for my company and run them as a mini server farm.
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    @Puddinglord I agree the Mac Mini upgrade is a huge win and a much needed update to the model. Honestly, I might get one as well.
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    @byogdc The update on the Mac Mini was definitely one they couldn't fail, so they did good. That being said, since I don't need the "Apple ecosystem", hence why I can't see myself paying that much for no reason.
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    There was an apple event?
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    @theKarlisK apparently. I only read it on here, too, though
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    I honestly don't give a fuck
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