devRant stickers finally arrived! Another fine addition to this RedHatter's collection :)

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    Holy shit you have tech jobs in Nebraska? I thought it was all cornfields 😂😂😂

    Nah I'm just messing lol. How do you like working at RH? What's your two cents on IBM buying them?
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    nice IBM hat you got there
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    You got to much red and lack of blue on this photo - this violates latest company policy. Did you get a memo?
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    @Stuxnet: lol yes I program exclusively in korn shell!

    I love working for RedHat. It's a really great company to be at - even with the acquisition that just took place. In my opinion what IBM bought was _us_, the people. The passionate hatters. We're what makes RedHat tick, and it definitely is what made us the worlds first 3 billion dollar open source company. Also because our code is all in the open, literally theres nothing else to buy. No patents etc. I think we're going to use the partnership (cough capital cough) to boost ourselves even further and enhance our growth. We'll see how it goes, but I'm standing by RedHat until further notice.

    @JoshBent: get this hot piece of history now! only $39.99 + shipping! :P

    @vane: yeah...I'm gonna need you to come in this weekend and get this addressed...(mumbles)...(stapler)...(mumbles)
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    @lindgrenj6 I've been eye balling the Raleigh office as a potential place for me to work at in a few years when I graduate. It looks like an excellent company to work for, based off what I've seen.

    And I wouldn't see the acquisition as any motivation to move onto a new job. That's a bit of an extreme reaction lol
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    @Stuxnet oh I completely agree, the only reason I clarified that I'm standing my ground is that people on reddit etc are all talking about the death of RedHat and CentOS/Fedora. Claiming all of the engineers are going to leave due to how bad IBM is, but the thing is that unless IBM is _truly_ looking to just burn money, they're going to do everything they can to keep the employees (ie what makes RedHat tick) happy.

    We're always looking for the most passionate engineers. Apply for an internship while you're still in school even!
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    @lindgrenj6 Shhhh you're using logic! You're not supposed to do that in events like this and MS buying GitHub lol
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    @lindgrenj6 all good until financial crisis when stakeholders demand certain reaction. I don’t hate this decision cause still it’s more safe to be under big company with stable cash flow when the crisis arrive.

    I am just concerned why IBM or just because they’re involved in RHEL support and probably they know RedHat like no other company so it was natural.

    Anyway good luck 🍀 wish the best for foss
    Like red hat people for their passion
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    @lindgrenj6 just noticed you actually work there haha is it some welcome ritual to get an actual red hat when you join?
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    @JoshBent ha yep! at New Hire Orientation you get one. It quickly becomes one of your most prized posessions!
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    @lindgrenj6 that's amazing actually
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    How many days did it take after applying for stickers to get delivered? And which country sre you in?!
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    @lindgrenj6 they got more than just the people. Don't forget the brand name for example. And by keeping the people the name probably holds more value.

    I find it sad that people assume the worst straight away. Sure there are always pains with mergers. Never the less IBM could very well be a good thing for RH.
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