Hey all,

Where does devrant for Android store downloaded images? And yes I allowed saving and storage access.

Android data folder is empty. Bug?
It did work before i switched to Android 8. My new phone is also android 8, and it also does not work.


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    @davenall does not exist. What now?

    Created it manually. No change.

    Btw after saving the app says "saved successfully".
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    Can you see them in Google photos?
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    You should have either a "Downloads" or "Files" app.

    If it's files open it, open the menu and select downloads
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    @davenall checked all those including android data and media on both internal and external storage
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    @DLMousey searched everywhere using fx, quickpic, etc.
    No luck. Also checked folders from above.
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    @mampf OOOOH you mean saved FROM devrant, right right. It's been a long day brainpower is down a bit

    Can't remember the exact path off the top of my head but I seem to remember it being something like /storage/emmc/DCIM
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    @davenall thanks.
    Is there any log?
    But why would I get a success message?

    And the worst: why me! 😁😂

    Btw, I'm using a bq Aquaris X2, which is on Android one 8.1.0.

    Before I used a Samsung galaxy S5 with LineageOS 15.1 (8.1).

    I also uninstalled and reinstalled the app, cleared all app data, deleted the folders....
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    @DLMousey yeah, long-press an image and select save.

    Then I see the progress spinning and after some time it says "saved successfully to Gallery".

    Hm. To Gallery? Not to phone? 🤣
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    @davenall yeah checked that. No hidden files. No devrant folder.

    Btw, other apps do work
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    It's a stupid suggestion but just in case: have you checked the stock gallery app? There should be a category/folder called Devrant.

    And I didn't see the path my files have in the comments.
    If you don't have an sd card Android names it emulated.

    But I'm sure you checked both of these options but I'd rather state the obvious with a small chance of helping out than come back later and see if was the actual solution.
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    @Charmesal Android one has no other stock gallery besides Google photos. Not showing, checked that folder.
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    You're on to something, just tried to save one and it's nowhere to be seen either. Used to work fine.
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    I'm having the same issue. Using CarbonRom Android 8.1 on a Oneplus 3 device. I have neither the folder location on my device, nor does my Gallery show the saved images. Permissions are all set, but what may help you all in understanding what's going on here: I have to use Chrome, because all other browsers i tried fail to download anything. Probably this is a custom rom related issue, but I've experienced the same before on LineageOS 15.1 (Android 8.1).
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    Having same issue
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    @dfox will eventually see this, i hope
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