3D Printer problems
Anet A8
Fan problem.

Hey guys.
So, I have a problem with my printer.
The fan that cools the printed model (fan1) isn't working... and everything seems fine.
What should I do to find out what the problem is?

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    First see if the issue is actually your fan. Write some gcode which only starts your fan and slowly accelerates it speed. I had a similar issue with my printer once and I found out I accidentally set the fan speed to 10 in my slicer and it runs from a speed of 15 to 100. A value of less than 15 stops the fan completely.

    Check the wiring as well.
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    Rule number one is? you guessed it... "have you tried to plug your device out and in again? " 😉

    Rule number two is? "did you consult google search with the syntax "printer manufacturer Printer model number" + fan doesn't work
    Stackexchange and reddit may have an answer.

    did you consult the manufacturers website?
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    @Codex404 Well... Or maybe the gcode I have is wrong...
    would you know the gcode to start and stop the fan?

    I've been making some upgrades and changed a few stuff, like the initial and end gcode...
    btw, the fuking board doesn't let me upload new firmware :( have to flash the bloatware... gonna do it tomorrow to change to Marlin
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    @heyheni I did the two first points, but I guess there isn't much problem with the fan amongst the community, and there is no manufacturers site...
    1- I did something wrong
    2- the fan isn't working...
    I could test it out directly, but don't know the voltage of the fan...
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    @GyroGearloose I do write some small parts of gcode manually the last three days. But not sure about fanspeed. Let me find something for you.

    I'm making a few gcode scripts which sole purpose it is to make my printhead move without printing (print head is at room temperature) and a few to change led colors.

    This I am planning to use to retrieve timing from to see how long my printer takes to complete a task. After that I can use that data for reliable print times.
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    Every printer has a bit different gcode although most commands are the same.

    This is the biggest list of gcode documentation I found. My printer has a public gcode PDF but only includes 50 commands while it supports way more.
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    Check your fan is working actually. 12v to it and it should spin up. Also it needs quite the amperage to spin up. And most likely your issue is slicer. Try cura. Also first layer fan is disabled but will start on other layers so that it can actually stick.
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    Also if you can just sell this one and go with tevo tarantula. Surw it has some issues at first but dang when you print the fixes for it damn. 20mm calibration cube never looked better actually. Sooooo fucking sharp edges and just amazing. And exactly 20mm with digital caliber. My mind was blown when i printed it after all the upgrades
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    @Haxk20 yeah that's why I said write some custom gcode. Works better than any slicer I know since slicers can't do just turning on the fan.
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    Also set your first layer speed to 20 mm/s as this will make the prints amazing and i sometimes have problems getting the prints of the bed.
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    @Codex404 or just flash custom firmware on it like skynet for anet A8 or marlin for tevo tarantla and thete should be option in temperature settings to spin the fan up in printer. At least my tarantula has this. Custom firmwares are just much much better and newer
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    My first printer wasn't a kit so I can't flash custom firmware on it but I'm thinking of buying the Velleman Vertex somewhere next year.
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    @Codex404 Thanks for the link, I didn't had M106 on my start code, if the Cura doesn't insert it ... that might be it.
    I'm printing right now, must wait an hour to test
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    @Haxk20 Goona power it to 12v
    using cura.
    @Codex404 the m106 is in the code, after the first layer...

    Stupid me!!!!
    It doesn't turn on, on the first layer...
    It's on now
    problem solved!! uman Herror
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    Btw, to stick the prints to the bed use hairspray....
    works wonders :D
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    @GyroGearloose sure hairspray works but bed will look like shit with it. And also thats what i told you that it is off on first layer.
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    Btw what software do you use to create custom parts? The easier the better...
    I know a little of SolidWorks and AutoCAD.
    Also MasterCam, ...
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    @GyroGearloose try Autodesk Inventor, it's really nice.
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    How about the old school 'grab a multimeter ant track down the point from which on the current is missing' way?
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    @GyroGearloose The reason why it is not on on the first layer is because the first layer has to cool down slowly while for the other layers it's basically "The faster it cools down the better".
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    Yep, learned my lesson :D thanks guys
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    "At first thou shall check VOLTAGES"

    We are not fucking faries...
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    @Gregozor2121 Yah, I could just pick the multimeter and check if there was voltage output while printing lol
    It's a noob question because I wanted to solve this easily and without damaging the machine further...
    Already had lots of problems with the auto level sensor (ended up taking it off) and scratching the bed, forcing steppers and such.
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