Arch users are literally like vegans, or guys who study the law - they can’t live normally if they don’t tell you that they use it. Just because you can install it, doesn’t make you instantly a Linux god. It’s like Kali users that they think that they’re hackers if they install it, or MacBook users that think that they are “kool kids” because they have a laptop that thousands of other people have.

Nobody. Cares.

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    U just jelly cuz u can't install Arch.

    Git gud n00b

    Just kidding. I agree.
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    Nah. Not every Arch user is like that. And you know its mostly from fun and letting the joke live longer right ? @condor you know we must explain how it really is.
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    "I use Arch Linux, therefore I am Lenux gawd"

    .. No. Installing Arch is pretty easy once you get the idea of it, and the pride sits more in the amount of customizations that have been made to build it from the ground up. If you were to build your own car - heck even modify an existing one with a different motor, spoiler etc - wouldn't you brag about it? When you built the bloody thing yourself?

    But mostly it's indeed a matter of keeping the meme alive. So without further ado, did you know that I use Arch Linux? :v
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    It's just a (very) vocal minority in the Arch community. Also a joke.

    Also, I use Arch. And so should you.
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    @RememberMe Except when you want your computer to work when you need it.

    ... Yes that's also a meme but aren't they all grounder in truth, even a little bit? :p
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    @SolarLiner if only did my Windows machine not delete my files each update...
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    "Nah, not every ... is like that" that is exactly the same thing vegans say ;d
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    @Haxk20 @RememberMe the joke is funny only ONCE. After that, repeating it bazillion of times will not make it funny anymore
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    @athlon yeah but repeating it will help to make it still alive.
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    @solarliner you are just perfect example of a guy who never tried arch for longer then a week and his experience was bad with it so you say bad things about it. I have fully bleeding edge system and its stable as fuck. I never got an issue that i cant boot into system. You just need to know how to work with it and wooow it will actually be stable.
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    @Haxk20 who would want an unfunny joke to keep on living?!
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    @athlon Entire arch comunnity. Its maybe not fun for you but do you know how much fun is it seeing people hate it ?
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    Well. Use Arch, you'll understand. We do.
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    @athlon if it's funny once, it's funny every time
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