Currently installing & updating w10 on a eeePC R101 with 2GB of ram.... disk cleanup is slooooooow...

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    W10 on eeepc is not suitable probably.
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    @irene I know but the owner don't want to buy a new PC, and I have to do the best. Also set pagefile to 16gb, and using a SSD I had laying around to atleast get somewhat manageable speeds.
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    Ha, I installed it on a tablet with 1gb ram, now that was fun
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    Some linux distro with XFCE or LXDE would be more suitable but still slow with that Atom
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    @irene nah, used to run Win 10 on an Atom tablet with 2 GB RAM, worked pretty well. Even ran Arduino and some other embedded stuff (used to use it to program and work with boards and bots).
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    @RememberMe did you use Chrome, though?
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