Employer uses IBM Software, which forces me to use Eclipse. I hate eclipse. Hate is a hard word. I'd never say, I really 'hate' a person. But eclipse, eclipse is what I hate. I can look at my smartwatch and see my heartrate rising, just thinking of how the fuck any developer on this crappy planet would ship that bullshit IDE. That saying, I'm totally fine with some bugs, using windows and so on, but eclipse... Is this a get-more-contributors strategy? Holy moly it really kills me. Hey, let's just open that maven Proj.. Oh, crash. Hey, let's install that "bug-free" version of the maven-integratio... Oh, crash. Let's do a global search over my worksp.. Oh, freezed. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! How can this be legal? I mean, seriously, most junoir devs I know, just use Eclipse, because they don't know of any other "better" IDE (VIM would be better, even notepad). Is there anyone sucking professors cocks / vaginas to get them introduce that crap IDE to students?

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    Have you tired increasing the heap memory to the JVM?
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    I can totally understand because IDE is even more important than the language to me. It must be friendly and beautiful since we are married to it 8 hours a day. It's like we are more than "married" to it :D

    I have been working before with .NET just to be able to use Visual Studio, it's the best IDE unfortunately.
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    @wateringdisease I love Visual studio. I also love IntelliJ. I would even just use vim or VSCode, it is really Eclipse what would make me quit my job. Fortunately I don't have to use it all day long.
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