I switched ISP package to a "business grade connection" (not just a marketing meme, actually meant for businesses), which is easily three times the default and yet still my fucking internet goes down every third day.

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    Looks like my ISP isn't the only one that's populated with shitadmins then 🙃
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    Are you sure it's ISP's fault? Could it be nw hw @ your place?
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    But now you will get some consolidations. Right?
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    @netikras have had a good friend of mine check the entire setup with all sort of networking tools and gadgets, because I thought their technician is dogshit, them sending me new routers, trying new expensive routers and returning them, nothing worked.

    It always drops and randomly too, it's some trash hardware the ISP uses, I just thought I'd be serviced better and routed through some proper hw being registered as a business client, which apparently makes no fucking difference, except for me paying three times the default package.

    @cursee you mean in the form of money returned? I've got that pretty much always, it has no use to me getting a day worth of money back, I quite honestly don't care - it won't magically make my internet more stable and solve my actual issue.
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    @JoshBent yeah but better than paying for full month fees when there was like 5 days of down time in total of that month.

    Here normal packages are like that. The only satisfying compensation you can get is to call their number and swear at that poor kid answering the phone.

    For business grade packages, they comes with compensations and consolidations. Does those improve the main matter? No. But at least you can spend that refund money on others mean that might solve the issue. For example, spending that money on mobile connection for hotspot. 😁
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    @cursee well hotspot tethering isn't really allowed usually, so that's not an option either, it's really just waiting for 5G to become a thing and independent ISPs spawning I guess..
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    huawei offers stationary 4g lte routers

    I've used it for a year and it worked great as long you've got a unlimited data plan.
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    @heyheni often gets detected as tethering I've heard though, can't think of any plan that is truly unlimited (no no-tethering bullshit) and for less than a fortune.
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    Change to other ISP
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    @devTea I believe it's just me being unlucky, not only did I move entire states, but also have changed ISP at least 5 times throughout that, they are all equally shit, difference being only that if it works - ISP X has faster speeds than Y.
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    It’s better to have two cheap ISPs that go down intermittently.

    Than one expensive ISP that goes down intermittently.
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    I agree with @geilt . A backup line is always a good idea.

    Btw just to completely rule it all out [pardon me but I find it difficult to believe that all ISPs have the same issue], the connection is also dead when you connect a lappy to rj45 directly behind all your nw equipment, right? If so, ISPs could be wastly reusing the same equipment which might be faulty. Is anyone else near you having outages? If so, yank ISP's chain to check their lines up. Maybe smth's faulty at your [client] end of the line. That'd explain why they hardly care.
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    @netikras My PC is connected through LAN and always had the issue too, the bulky black device before mentioned friend brought also showed dead line until the "internet storm" was over and even then it was slowly ramping up again and not fully recovered immediately.

    I could hear the neighbours spotify connected bluetooth speaker stop playing back in my old appartment, so I was sure it wasn't just me, once it calms down it only happens again in like 3/5 ish weeks, but then it'll shit itself every 3/4 days randomly for random intervals, could be 5 minutes, could be 20 hours and yes I did force refresh / reset the router(s) physically to make sure it wasn't somehow in a weird state/connection.

    Maybe I am just lucky enough to always hit some point in the world that has ghosts haunting my internet.
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    @JoshBent naah, it's gotta be the ISP's equipment. When you changed ISPs, did new providers install a new cable in your appartment? I doubt it. They are reusing already existing line. And if all ISPs you've tried have the same problem -- the part of line they are all reusing has a fault.

    I'd try to get them to check NW equipment in your building, if nothing -- your neighbourhood. Maybe try to aggree with either ISP to have technicians dispatched to your place when the connection is down to find the spot that's buggy.

    But for now 2 ISPs seems like a good idea. An even better one maybe -- cloud :)
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    It’s often the equipment at your node. You’d have to have them trace the issue from node to node starting from your local area. Not fun. And even as a network engineer, half the time they won’t. Relieve you unless you show then hard proof data., reports, etc.

    Even then they still don’t care.
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    you can get around tether with rooted phone. but if you get caught they will brick your service. (been there done that)

    When you use +500G 4G on your phone per month they know you are doing something that you shouldn't. First they send you a copy of the TOS, then they drop you from unlimited to like 5G a month, but don't tell you and let you keep paying for their unlimited plan. Then when the tech on the phone says your limited to 5G a month data for breaking TOS, and you yell at them and ask why you are still paying for unlimited they just kick your phone off there service permanently.
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    @netikras Not sure how I would go about two ISPs, one 4G one cable? could be an interesting project to like detect if the internet is down and feed a switch from 4g router instead

    btw note that I moved entire states and still have the issue in different extremes, I am just that unlucky I guess to always hit a neighbourhood that tests speeds fine and then has those drops every X.

    Also for a technician to come it takes a good 5 hours at best and 2 weeks at worst, and with how lucky I am I would have a 1.30 hour downtime just when he arrives at 5 hours..

    @geilt yeah, I sadly in this area don't have access to any ISP region internal contacts as I had e.g. in my old appartment, so can't even have anything pushed as an idea, as the only access is "escalated support" which won't do shit.
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    @hash-table I am still sometimes tethering but as you said, not hundreds of gigs to not get fucked 😅
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    @JoshBent fuck it then... come to EU - dunno how about other countries but we have brilliant internet quality in my country :) I recall we had one outage last year. For 1,5 hour or so. Something got fucked up with DNSes. It was the first outage in 5 years I have my ISP :)

    As for "how to go about" -- simple.. Hook both internet lines to a single linux-based router, bond both interfaces in active-passive mode. I had this in my lappy years ago, back when I was living in a dorm: eth and wifi bonded. Whenever eth is connected I used eth channel for internet, bcz it's much faster. Whenever disconnected -- bond fails over to wifi.

    FTR: https://rafalgolarz.com/blog/2018/...
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    @netikras damn, gotta admit sounds really exciting as a project, might actually do it once I find the time for it, noted and thanks for the link!
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    @JoshBent Glad you liked it. It's not that much of a project - more like half an hour of network configurations :) Well unless you don't yet have a linux-based router, then it might be smth DIY-like :)
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    @netikras yeah I dont yet have one, nor do I know which 4G router I would want to go with (and which mobile plan), there's a lot of small details that make me want to push it just a little away for now haha
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