Anyone else hate their Macbook Pro 2018? RIGHT after the return policy the speakers start acting like it has fucking tourette's, plus my machine randomly SHUTS DOWN.

Apple Store "Genius": "Yup, we gotta send it in for repair, 10 business days."

10 business days without my work laptop, gee thanks asshole, at least be a little more empathetic about it.

My 2015 Macbook Pro gave me ZERO problems. The only reason why I upgraded was that compiling took forever (React Native).

If I didn't have to work with Xcode I would just sell this thing and buy a PC laptop. (The Surface book looks nice =))

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    I have a 2017 or 2018 model on the way from work, and I foresee it being far more trouble than the 2015 model I had before, and more trouble than the System76 model I just bought. I might just take the latter into the office and use that instead.
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    I stuck with 2014 mac book pro cause of magsafe. It saved my laptop from being smashed many times.
    They stopped producing decent solutions since apple logo is not shining on the back.
    It’s very sad cause I like os.
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    You got what you paid for
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    No idea what this means. Did his employer buy the laptop for a deeply discounted rate? Was that somehow implied?
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    Are their laptops really that bad? Ibe been using an imac at work for two years I rarely get non bootable system cuz of stupid cache no troubles other than that

    And I own a Mac min had it for almost four years also no trouble
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    @bahua I think he means LOL YOU USE MAC
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    Poor excuse, you need OSX not a mac(book), just run a VM, there's literally one-click installer scripts and full step-by-step tutorials.
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    @bahua paid a lot for a piece of shit, got an expensive piece of shit ;)
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    Apppe can be even much worse. A former colleague also had a macbook and during the day his screen suddenly stopped working. So he contacted apple tech support that told him to visit a store. So next day he did. He came to the office and said they couldn't fix it and they'll send it for repair. Will take about 2 weeks!! But that's not all. After it got repaired it was sent to the store again. He received a letter from apple tech support that his macbook was repaired and he must come pick it up within 2 week otherwise the macbook would be destroyed! WTF?!!!! He intially though of sending the macbook in for repair and go on holiday... Now that would've been a horrible surprise to come back frok vacation and find out your hardware was destroyed because you didn't pick it up in time. The arrogance. That, among other reasons, is why I'm absolutely not an apple fan boy.
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    Check louis rossmann's videos on YouTube. Apple rips people off with their "genius bars". https://reddit.com/r/videos/...
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