So I'm now experiencing the worst case of "pacman -Syu breaks everything" I've ever had. For whatever reason, when I updated mesa, my entire GUI decided to go to shit. As I'm typing this, lightdm is crashing over and over again. My Xorg log file has no errors at all. Honestly have no fucking clue what's going on.

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    So, just checked the lightdm log files. One of them had some error about libwayland-egl.so.1, that turned out to be the thing fucking it up.

    Apparently, I deleted that file manually about 5 months ago. No clue why, but I did `sudo rm /usr/lib/libwayland-egl*`. Something MUST have been broken because of it, cause I didn't even know I had wayland installed on my system. Just a very weird situation today
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    Well its not pacman fucking up your system. Its you.
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    Nono it's not your fault, just blame pacman 🤣
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    I've ran -Syu daily on every machine I've ever ran arch on, the only machine I've erer had an issue(that I've noticed) was my Pi deciding to make its config.txt an executable for some weird fucking reason.

    Wouldn't have annoyed me if it didn't give me no display after due to no Dvi/Hdmi adapter config after I deleted it..
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    I understood some of those words 👍
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    @Haxk20 You're right. I have no fucking clue why I deleted those files. I'm just glad that it works now
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