Aren't the system admin supposed to figure out how to install something on their server when a developer has requested something from them?

They seem to have no idea when I request them to install php gd extension. They also cannot give me a ssh access to their server. So I have to troubleshoot/help by sending one command and ask for the output from them and give another command to run through mail.

I don't even know what to rant or whom to rant at anymore.

// I'm blue.

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    Well, sysadmins are supposed to. What you have there looks like an unskilled, random helpdesk employee. If this is an internal ticket and this guy is actually a sysadmin, they either:

    - do not have experience with control panels such as cPanel because they take over a huge part of a sysadmin's job and are shitty;
    - are lazy
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    @xalys If they are inexperienced helpdesk employees, why do they have (root) access to servers?
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    @sbiewald because that's how the world works. It's not fair and people who are way better than upper level staff are much more competent in many cases.

    But again, they could just be lazy sysadmins. I think we can both agree that they're not very competent (seemingly).
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    Maybe they're reticent to install an old library with bad history of security, making that one server different of their stock config.
    I'm a sysadmin, and I'd make you explain very well why you need it so bad too.
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    da ba dee da ba die...
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    @nbamaral is php-gd library for php7.1 bad and old library for a server?
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    You must not read me right. It has a bad rep on security. And yes, it's old, it was the first one after all.

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    @nbamaral hmm didn't know. All my servers have it thought 🤔 since I'm usually use laravel.
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    @xalys or BOFH ist trolling them lol
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    Switch to using docker mate. End of problems.
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    @nkprince007 tell that to them 😆
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