Why I quit playing video games 15 years ago, and how that impacted my life.

In a land far far away (probably from where you are) on a distant planet (probably for aliens reading this) In a typical city, in a typical apartment, I woke up from a deep deep sleep, the kind of sleep that you can only have if you've been up the previous 2 days binge playing final fantasy 7.

It was a day like any other, except, on this day, I had a haunting thought:

"What if I played my LIFE, like I did video games"?

Long story short. I couldn't play video games anymore. Instead of "working" I saw it as gaing exp points. Instead of "failing" I saw it as necessary to build up character flaws.... etc.

I haven't looked back. I created 3 businesses, I learned psychology, marketing, programming, law, etc etc.

I look at my current status, strength points, charisma points, intelligence points, etc.
And I'm proud.

You get the idea.

Later, I realized something else. If I work all day in front of a computer, how can I play in front of a computer too?

This could be a better post, but you get the gist.

Know the role video games plays in your life, and don't let it play YOU.

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    There’s An App For That tm

    Habitica, life rpg, etc
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    I think burnouts happen because people sit in front of a computer programming all day and then go sit down in front of a computer programming all afternoon.

    Hobbys that don't involve computers are a necessity to avoid driving yourself crazy. I personally love to watch sports in person and on TV. So when I need a break, I'll call a friend up and they'll come to my place or we'll just talk over the phone and watch the same game. Keeps me sane lol
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    I had that idea 15 years ago too :)

    So did probably like 10 million other people.

    Cool that they exist now, which one is best? Do you use one?
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    The fuck is this self advertising and positivity shit?
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    I don't self-advertise, but when I do, it's Dos Equis
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    @rant1ng 😂😂😭👏🏻
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    I don't believe you.
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    I have played, in total, since then, maybe on half a dozen occasions.

    I played dragon warrior 3 on my phone a few months ago when I was injured bed ridden

    I'm much more interested in becoming an awesome human and the journey never ends

    I like optimization, seeing how to do things faster, better, easier, etc. It's how my mind works so I apply that to literally everything. How to make good conversation, how to have an amazing relationship, etc. If you look at yourself with the view that nothing is static, and with enough effort you can change (like in an rpg) then there's limitless possibilities, the only obstacle is yourself... and even if that's an obstacle, it's still a point of improvement that can be realized.

    we live in amazing times, yeah, there's shit, and life sucks sometimes, badly, like really badly, but nothing lasts forever, and when things get good again, they get better than ever

    lol I must be in love or something...
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    When I need a break, I take my Caragor out for a walk.
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    Was your 3rd business successful ?
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    They all were.

    And yes, the third one was absolutely, the best.

    Now I'm working on my 4th, and thank god I spent all that time actually learning shit
    and not leveling up some fantasy character in a fantasy world.

    Thanks for asking.
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    Did you use shrooms? Jk jk that's illegal in most places. I'll have to try this I play lots of games but I also am a game developer so it's hard but I could focus more on development then playing Haha.
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    I remember something similar when I was playing Eve-Online, having built up a wealthy corporation.

    I used the game to test various management techniques, and thought to myself, instead of spending 8 hours a day playing a MMORPG and earning Isk game currency, why not spend that time in the real world, earning cash !

    Of course, in the real world you don't start off with a free spaceship, free food and a guaranteed job..

    Thus it is a little bit harder..

    I haven't even got a spaceship yet !

    Though I am building my own vehicle, which looks a like one..

    And I've yet to earn enough money to retire on and do what I want.

    Any advice welcomed on how to do well in this game, if you start off with very little in the way of resources..

    Oh I still play games, sometimes for fun, and sometimes to test out human behaviour theories, but I don't get much time these days as I'm really busy with trying to win at life !
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    Downsides to playing Real Life, you only get one go..

    No undo feature..

    (Still paying off debt from 15 years ago..)

    You can't re-roll your character, so if you get duff stats anywhere, you just have to live with it !

    No cheat mode..

    Lack of players guide..
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    @rant1ng still, I don't believe in this success story.
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    @irene me neither. Sounds too constructed, like in an advertisement.
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    I also kinda gave up gaming - mostly because of my lack of time for it (University, youth group in my local church, and volleyball...)
    I occasionally play PUBG Mobile with my friends, just for the sake of it being a group activity - albeit it's usually at most once or twice a month...
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    @Yamakuzure @irene

    OK. Feel free not to believe it.

    The great part about achieving your goals is not caring at all what people think. in fact more sad that you don't believe it possible, protecting, likely
    your own perceived limits and beliefs. If not believing it makes you more comfortable, by all means, but I don't want that. Believe it possible, and do it. Nothing feels better when your wake up one day and realize that you did it. It can be done, whatever you want to do, if you work hard enough at it, but more importantly if you believe.

    I'm not selling anything.
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    @Nanos players guides are everywhere. It's called amazon
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    @rant1ng now you sound even more advertising like a preach trying to get new members in some cult.
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    @irene @rant1ng It may sound like that but I just think he is in a good feeling place and is trying to spread it. I've had something like that before and it feels really good. Thank you for sharing your success it may encourage many.
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    > players guides are everywhere. It's called amazon

    Can anyone recommend one that is actually good though !

    I've read tons of them..

    None of them really mention the key stats I should be working on..

    I've only gleaned that from mostly my own experiments.

    I guess part of the problem is that RealLife is so complicated, with so many variables, its difficult to predict the best path to take at any given moment in time.
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    > It can be done, whatever you want to do,

    > if you work hard enough at it,

    It might be done. :-)

    I'm still working on a game I first started programming 35 years ago, V2 isn't anywhere near finished yet !

    I've been working hard enough, but life gets in the way, homelessness here, penniless there.

    Means progress is slow, in fits and starts.

    I keep going though, plodding along, persistence is the key !

    But it doesn't mean 100% one will get there, I might die before I finish it !

    But if you don't try, then it never happens.

    Luck plays a role, now, how do you figure out how to influence luck..
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    @irene seriously whereas my link to buy stuff.

    If it sounds polished it's because I also learned how to do copywriting I worked really long and hard at it I learn psychology I'm quite good at writing sale stuff. I guess it leaked into my off work writing.

    Look I said 15 years I wrote One post with a couple of paragraphs sure it sounds like an advertisement like I changed my life overnight or something. Didn't. ItI took accumulation of years of hard work to get to where I am right now just happy and spreading the love.
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    Reminds me of folk accusing me of being a property developer, because I'm always going on about the importance of owning your own home !

    Which was rather ironic when I was homeless, penniless and posting from half a cardboard box. :-)
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    Any hints, tips, suggestions, etc. on how the rest of us can be successful ?

    I've one myself, get physically fit and strong, as its always useful to be able to move heavy things around.

    Another is, live with parents, the rent is cheaper !

    I hear saving up and building your own home is the way to go.
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    @nanos Tools of Titans is a good read. Boosts motivation which is key to try/work harder. It also gives some good insights that sometimes you have to utilise your connections. It doesn't matter so much what you know, but who you know.
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    @Nanos honestly You Could Read 50 self-help books or hundred like I did you can learn the intricacies of psychology motivation success you could even pay $5,000 to attend a Tony Robbins seminar. And you might be the subject of a lot of people's pity. The truth is all of those books give good advice. You are never worst off for having read them. It's a good idea to get a wide perspective and read a lot of them. But in the end though the formula is actually pretty simple: work plus time. As long as that work plus time is extended towards a specific goal you will get there. Water falling on Rock. People get hung up on details like oh what's the fastest way to do X or what's the most efficient way to do y the truth is if you're doing something deeply you're doing everything at once. That's an old Chinese proverb. And I found it to be true. Just good old-fashioned hard work perseverance a lot of really unsexy stuff. It sounds like you're on the right Road keep traveling it
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    so you grab one good use of a game. and look what happened to your life!

    if you kept playing who knows what you might have learned!
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    @rant1ng I don't believe you still. You just was lucky to have appropriate environment to develop all that.
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    @irene yes I know.
    The problem with realists is that they don't appreciate their reality.
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    > just was lucky to have appropriate

    > environment to develop all that.

    Luck AND hard work, and the right sort of work.

    Though as pointed out, any kind of work is better than no kind of work.

    I still try to figure out, what's the best bangs per buck work I can do with my time.

    Not quite so easy that one.

    Recently upgraded one of my 10,000rpm HD's to an SSD, as I estimate that will save me 100+ hours of waiting time a year.
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    @rant1ng the problem with realists is realization of the bad environment
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    @irene as bad as it may be...and im sorry if it was bad.. You are still your only savior. That's as real as it gets.
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    @rant1ng it was bad and it is bad. Some places in this world are just bad and that's it. Unless you're kissed by god you're unable to do anything other than trying not to sink.
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    @rant1ng also "I'm too old for this shit".
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    @irene sinking, dying, the choice is still up to you. That's only power you have.
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    @rant1ng I'm not sinking but that's not any more pleasure than just die and feel nothing.
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    Ok, so you prefer to work/learn instead of playing games. Good for you. I don't.

    People, start playing games, you will be proud once you hit 80lvl Paladin. Trust me, I'm a random internet dude with exactly the same preferences like you, yes, YOU.
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    > you're unable to do anything other than trying

    > not to sink.

    <-- Spends practically entire life trying not to sink..

    I might be unable to do anything to better my position, but I'm really stubborn and keep trying. :-)

    Part of my recent move was to relocate to a better place, and guess what, the moment I moved here, I got a job !

    Another year and a bit, and I'll finally be out of debt !
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    > People, start playing games, you will be

    > proud once you hit 80lvl Paladin.

    After playing LOTRO for 10+ years, I finally got to L120 !

    Not without its hickups mind you..

    Such as when they moved my house to a new server and emptied all my chests of valuables, that I never got back !

    So, even in MMORPG life plays cruel tricks on you..

    All I had was the clothes and weapons on my back !

    But I crawled my way up..

    Now if only RL let you go out slaughtering innocent animals by the thousands for their pelts, and robbing Orks of their pocket change..
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    @Nanos good for you. I don't have such optimism. All my life experience just yells "everything is shit no matter what you're trying to do".
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    I spent years researching where to move, it went something like this.

    <-- Was unemployed, local unemployment level around 30%

    FX [ Looks around the country, spots one place with unemployment rate at 80%.. ]

    FX [ Looks around the country, spots one place with unemployment rate at 0%... ]

    After about 10 years or so, I manage to arrange a place to live there.

    Now life is slowly improving.

    Next big project, earn enough money to retire !

    Smaller projects before that, well, various, 2/3 of them involve programming in some manner, as that is my best skill, and also something I can do that isn't tied to a physical lcoation so much as my other projects that might make me some money.

    All projects are also dual purpose, they improve my life, as well as possibly earn me some or lots of money in the future.

    So even if they prove duds, I'll still benefit in some way.
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    I'm not sure I'd call it optimism, I'm just bloody minded. :-)

    Yeah, I've had the same experience in life as you, it sounds like !

    I do have one gift though, 200 IQ, so that must be useful for something right..

    Though, being smart enough to know just how far down in the shit you are, can be a tad depressing at times !

    But I have stupid levels of, can do attitude.

    If I don't know the answer, ask someone else !

    Which is great, if they know the answer..

    Read lots of books, and of course, the internet can be useful there.
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    @Nanos sometimes i wish i wasn't as smart as i am to not see all that behind-the-scenes things.

    Maybe I could do something earlier. Now I don't have any strength or will to do anything other than just live on.
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    Yes ignorance really is bliss !

    Unless you are poor and ignorant, and then it doesn't help so much..
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    @rant1ng Alright, then congratulations on your success.
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    You are flying around this post with your conclusion, I don't know wether you are bashing or praising games.
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    This all assumes you have good enough focus on a task to begin with 😂
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