I'm currently developing a retro console powered by pico-8 that I'll be putting in front of the co-driver in my car :) Oh and I'll 3d print a handheld version as well.

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    Share the details :)
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    @Codex404 Well the first game I'm currently working on is "Flappy Plane", was an older idea but I finally wanted to finish that one. Game is basically finished, only some more sounds and music needs to be added ^^

    The next game will be a small zelda-like game where you've got 60 seconds to finish a dungeon (With lots of ways to do so)

    Overall the games will be highscore-oriented, so my co-drivers can battle each other :)

    Maybe there'll be a two-player version at the backseats as well :D

    You can find that project on my github (Linked at my profile) :D
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    Hardware wise I meant
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    @Codex404 Oh that'll be a Raspberry Pi Zero each, because it's cheap and still powerful enough to run pico :) The handheld will have a pre-made HAT from Amazon, which has a 128x128 display, a joystick and 3 buttons on the right. For the battery I'll probably use a small powerbank.

    The car-console will have everything in the glovebox, a bigger battery pack and a Raspberry Pi Zero as well. A bigger screen, but I'm still searching for one that has a 1:1 aspect ratio and is big enough but still cheap. As a controller I'll use a NES-Style USB controller from amazon.
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    @DeWil nice, I might make something as well
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    @Codex404 Tell me more ^^
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    @DeWil I might use a rpi zero with a pre-made hat from Amazon which has a display of 128x128 a joystick and three buttons.
    For the battery I will probably use a powerbank
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    @Codex404 Sounds great 😂 Keep in mind to post it if you're finished ^^
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