I've been working on updates to a react app for a few hours today. Everything's been peachy except this shit job, this inane change demand list, my headache, my lack of quiet places to work, ... okay, so basically everything is terrible. But I've done lots of builds, and made lots of progress.

Then suddenly: my build script failed. 30 seconds after a successful build, with no (tooling) changes in between.

Reason? Incorrect version of Sass.
How? Fucking npm.

Isn't package-lock.json supposed to prevent this crap?


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    You know, I've been reading about how much you hate your job for a few months now. And I know you're hyper skilled.

    I want to recruit you to make 6 figures with me.

    Let's partner on some projects.... they pay very well.

    Interested? You'd be a partner, not an employee.

    I have way too many profitable projects in the pipeline, and not enough dev power to get them all out fast enough.

    20 years experience....

    This is an impulsive, hail mary, but... hey, whatever, why not.
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    That sounds amazing, though completely unexpected. I am definitely interested. Here's my devRant email: root-devrant@tuta.io

    I also don't know where my super-skilled dev reputation comes from... I'm only really knowledgeable in my few small areas. but if I can help out, I am absolutely more than interested.
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    app for your job or for yourself? I have no need for react but personally react native opens a lot of doors... Can build apps for mobile without needing to keep up to date with Android frameworks
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    @billgates It's for work.

    There's a vendor dictating a lot of changes for the project, and many of them turn out to be breaking changes. There's no way I can do them cleanly :(

    (e.g. merging two different components, but only for certain urls, or showing that url different fields and making them required -- difficult because validation has no knowledge or concept of state... you can see how this quickly leads to very messy code, or duplication)
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    @Root from the sound of it seems more like you need to burn everything, redesign the whole backbone.
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    @billgates The application is great and well-organized. It's just the ridiculous demands by sales people that are making things incredibly difficult. It's sales rearranging the site based on zero (or almost zero) information, and in ways that makes it quite difficult for me. I've avoided much of the mess by duplicating some of the code (ugh) and making minor edits throughout, so it's still quite clean.

    But I stopped caring. They get what they ask for while I look for work elsewhere.

    The funny part is that I've been trying to move them away from an unmaintainable legacy system to a new and vastly improved one, but they keep pulling me away, all to build arbitrary features that help their sales pitch. Here's a quote from our last meeting that sums it up perfectly:

    Boss: "All of these features are important because everything is about the sales pitch."

    Oh, and here's another one: Boss: "The sales team knows it, and who knows better than us?"

    If I leave, they're going to be stuck on a system that barely runs because it's so poorly built, yet have a lot of new merchants using a partially-finished new system. They'll be stuck mid-transition because they've never allowed me to finish it. But what I don't understand is that they actually seem to get that this new system is extremely important... yet still don't see it as a priority. To illustrate, here's another quote from my boss from our last meeting:

    "[Project A] is our future. I think we can all agree on that." And 30 seconds later: "We really need [Monster feature Q] before thanksgiving. What can we scrap from [Project A] to make it happen?"

    It's like this with everything, even their precious features. If I try arguing with them, I get berated for 10-40 minutes straight in front of everyone.

    So, yeah.
    I'm done.

    If I don't finish the transition before I leave, I won't even feel bad about it. I've been trying to work on it for 6? 7? 8? months now. So. They're kind of digging their own grave here.
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    @Root Haha

    yep. Most of my experiences is in marketing, sales, psychology, etc.

    But I"m also a programmer.

    I can only imagine, as I can see their view, and understand yours.

    They have no fucking clue at all what all that does to the code, makes it impossible.

    I'll be in touch soon, I'll write to explain basically what the offer is.
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    @rant1ng Looking forward to it!

    I can understand their perspective, too, but not their refusal to listen nor their behavior.
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    @Root is that the correct email?
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    @Root spiritually, we work at the same place
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    Use yarn instead of npm. yarn.lock handles these things better than package-lock.json.
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    @hanieh-m Yarn is absolutely better than npm.
    I might migrate over if I touch the project again, but I probably won't.
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