I'm at work coding at 21:00 on a Friday cause money, no life ya know, but then it hit me. I could be at home on coding on a Friday night and still I would have no money and no life but o would have ALCOHOL! Ballmer peak here I come!

Ps I haven't drank in 6 days and I don't drink to excess (often). I just find it enjoyable

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    If you're in the office at 21:00 on Friday I highly doubt anyone would notice you sneaking in a few cans or a bottle of something.

    I'm in bed at 02:30 on a Sat morning (I always go to bed late, procrastination-derived chronic sleep fuckery ftw), just been dicking about packing and stuff as I'm off to Manchester tomorrow to a Within Temptation gig. I'll be past the Ballmer peak before I get in there though, because Manchester has a BrewDog bar I haven't yet visited and I'm rather fond of their ridiculously strong, dark, heavy stouts.
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    If you’re in the office at 21:00 on Friday there should be alcohol in the fridge
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