Can I just say that the absolute most important skill for any kind of programmer or engineer is knowing HOW TO FUCKING GOOGLE!!!

I am the head of programing on my school's Robotics Team. We're relatively know, however most all of my teammates know how to program and they are all very talented academically. In fact my "Lieutenant" will be the valedictorian.

Seriously I missed one meeting yesterday because of the flu. Imagine me lying in bed and suddenly getting multiple calls from the team (even the valedictorian) asking how to fix errors from Android Studio. I asked them if they googled them and they said "No we didn't".

Why is knowing how to google not apart of any kind of CS education! They could have been after an hour, but NOOO it took them after 5 hours!!


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    It’s one of those skills that anyone with access to internet should have. People think I’m smart, but actually I’m just better at Googling than most people.

    Person: I couldn’t find it on Google.
    Me 15 seconds later: here you go.
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    This is why im scalding when I mentor. I dont go overboard, but its your job as a teacher to stamp in big red letters:
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    I just read the first half and thought:

    I should show this to the programmers that I lead on my schools robotics team.

    Then I read the rest. What are the chances?
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    Judging by your github, you are on an ftc team?

    I don't know much about ftc but I do frc myself.
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    @ewpratten yeah. It's my first complete season this year. I was recruited last last year.
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