Need a advice.
Have been a Windows user since many years. But at college I do use ubuntu and am familiar with it. So now I have developed interest in using Linux due to its simplicity and ease of use.
But for some tasks I still need Windows. So thinking to Dual boot my laptop. Have heard dual boot harms the laptop, makes it slow, blah blah.

So Is it advisable to Dualboot on a same machine?

My config:-
intel core i5 7th gen; 8 gb ram, 1 tb HDD,. 2gb AMD R5.

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    Sure, why not. Or maybe virtual box? Try how that works out for you
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    Dual booting doesn't make anything slower, but it can lead to situations where you are not able to boot one or both of the systems. So be prepared to fix the boot occasionally.
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    No, it won't make it slow, go ahead.
    As an off Topic suggestion, let me recommend you buy an SSD. It's the best upgrade you can make to your computer, regardless of having dual boot or using a specific OS. I'm never going back to HDD as primary drive.
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    @lucaspar I'm the same. Whenever any of my users complain about slow PC and what to do to speed it up I always start with - SSD.

    Currently now running a combo: Linux SSD + SSHD for storage and win7 for once in a blue moon when I need it.
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    Dual booties for almost a decade now. Nothing slow. Only thing to worry is the grub issues but it's pretty easy to fix even if you had.

    // Oh I mean dual booting. Typos. But funnier that way.
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    Have never heard of dual booting harming a machine. But you should have some idea about bootloaders as it'll save you some Google time when you run into problems.
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    Who the fuck dual boots Ubuntu and windows after the launch of wsl

    Just sayin
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    @rant1ng wsl has limitations, no?
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    @cursee I haven't run into any

    I run nginx, mysql, many different versions of php, so far so good,

    had about the same problems as any linux distro...

    runs fast as hell too, and i can keep windows... once you know all the kb shortcuts for windows it's as fun to use as ubuntu

    just seems like dual booting is irrelevant now, or should be, but there must ber reasons
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