As we all know we have Apple, MS and linux fanboys & girls here. I myself am strongly MS oriented however I like and use Linux too. I have never tried running a virtualized Win10 pro on Linux though. Anyone ever did that? And if so, what did you use to get it working and did it work well? Since my last 2 clients I always work on a VM so that I have a windows VM specifically setup for my client so their config and apps don't mess with my personal dev needs. So I curently run Win10 pro inside hyper v vm on win10 pro. I'd like to experiment and run win 10 pro vm on linux so any suggestions etc are highly appreciated.

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    I should do this as well, its a pain to manage currently
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    What do you need windows for?
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    @alvarlagerlof Well, I need Windows as I use lots of software that runs on Windows. Same as my client. So yeah I need Windows.
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    I have an instance of Win 10 Pro running on one of my machines, using Virtualbox.
    It runs pretty well, if you put the virtual harddisk on an SSD, it is unbearably slow if you put it on spinning rust.
    Also, if you try this, be aware that ther are some serious issues with flickering if you have an Nvidia card with proprietary drivers on your host system.
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    Win 10 Home running over VirtualBox on Manjaro Linux, no problems whatsoever. I built my new desktop specifically to virtualize multiple OSes, especially Windows, so I'm able to allocate at least 4GB RAM and SSD storage for it. Runs pretty damn fast, near instantaneous boot too.

    Windows is very I/O finicky, so if you're virtualizing then consider SSD storage or give it a hard drive for itself.

    Since you already have Windows running virtualized, no problem, the virtualization will work just fine in Linux too.
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    At my previous employer I had worked almost only under Linux.

    However, one of the software suites had to be built and used on Windows as well.

    So I had a Windows 10 Pro VM using VMware Workstation. Worked like a charm.

    I remember that I opened Visual Studio the one day, and activated Unity mode. This means that the VM "UI" goes away, and that all windows are drawn on your regular DE. Visual Studio on Plasma looked quite neat. ;-)

    Neat enough, in fact, that I made a coworker believe that Microsoft had just released "VS4Linux" the other day. 8^D
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    I use Virtualbox, with Windows 10 running as a guest on a Linux Mint host. I've given Windows 2 cores of my i3-3110M and 4ish gigs of RAM.

    It runs okay and is perfectly usable, although a bit sluggish sometimes.

    Also, I have a reasonably fast SATA SSD... not sure how well it would perform on a slower drive.
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    @Yamakuzure do you have screenshits of it?
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    @Codex404 Maybe. When I am on my way home tonight, I'll take a look. :-)
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    Windows 10 Professional runs flawlessly in kvm/qemu. Just set the storage and NIC to use virtio, and install the guest drivers.

    Don't use a desktop consumer app to run a VM, if you can help it. People have been recommending the use of VirtualBox, and I couldn't disagree more. The fact that the video card hardware and drivers can have ANYTHING to do with the performance of your VM is just absolutely unacceptable. That's small-time, bush league nonsense.
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    @Codex404 nay, no screenshots. 😔
    And I just learned that they removed the Unity feature in Workstation 12, the latest license I own.
    Hmm... 🤔 I could downgrade to WS11. That would work...
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    I am playing games on my VM. I did GPU passthrough for that to work. Using kvm and libvirt, Qemu. It took some time to config everything (cuz I am Linux noob), but it is working fine. Can play some MMOs like Black desert online, blade and soul, survival like rust, scum, (fps drops but I think my VGA - GTX 970 it's not that fast for them), GTA 5.
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