GF: Did you watch a movie while you were sleeping?
ME: (Syntax Error): How could i watch a movie while sleeping?
GF: No, the name of the movie is "while you were sleeping"
ME: oh, you forgot quotes for string

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    It should be did you watch the movie while you were sleeping. Assuming there arent more movies called that or she only cared about that single one.
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    @Codex404 anyway you get the point :)
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    @KorDarei it should be, anyway you got the point. :)
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    Yeah, the point is it is with the wrong tag
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    @hell not really, its a story. The button says rant/story.
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    > No, the name of the movie is "while you were sleeping"

    > Error 403: Forbidden. Reason: romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock, IMDB score 6.7.
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    Also using the indefinite article "a" instead of definite article "the" really adds to the confusion
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    There is a question injection vulnerability!
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    @Codex404 yeah but looks like a joke/meme
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    @hell @Codex404 the joke/meme category is for all unoriginal crap no one wants to read/see.
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    @electrineer jokes/memes should be funny though.
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    Guys, have in mind that gf said in my native language, which when translated sounds more like with "a"
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    @Codex404 well, they aren't, at least not here. It's 99.9% cross/-reposts we all have already seen or otherwise unoriginal crap
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    The problem here is that she forgot the 'called' keyword
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    She must have not been using an edited with syntax highlighting.
    Or she types so fast she doesn't notice red lines.
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    The problem did not really seem syntactical (about the form of the text) in nature. More like a semantical (about its meaning) error, if I am not mistaken.
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    there is a lot of dark energy on this platform. @hell hath no love... what turns a coder unhappy?
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