Had a job interview today as a Junior Python dev. The hardest part: they asked things, that I used to learn in some time in the past, but got rusty in my memory because I don't use em much. Like "to write func that sorts array". Last time I was writing sorting without standard library at least half a year ago. Same with the regular expressions (need em the most once in several months) or sql expressions (last time - 7 month ago). How to remember these things?

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    you always reimplement the binary sort for every project. always write your own ORM layer.
    Also write some REgEx for fun...
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    @irene I am highly concerned that easiest things in the life it is also easy to invent or reinvent :)
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    @magicMirror I have thought of it. But it wouldn't be as much efficient in time or complexity as things that some experienced people had already created. I can reimplement things for fun (and I do sometimes), but I still need, for example, use MySQL, not invent my own database engine.
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    @SavageRandy @SavageRandy 'highly doubt' of course, please excuse my poor English
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    Thats why Stackoverflow exists... Most things u barely need, have not be remembered very well imo...
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    @irene it is always evil advice.... always! 👹

    @SavageRandy ok. ppl tell me that my sarcastic tone will always get through to the other side. Even in 4 word emails!

    Guess they were wrong....
    also, for real this time:
    never write your own sort, use a good library. Never write your own ORM, use a good library, also, reg[eE]x(s|) are not fun. not even close.
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    Honestly I don't know the last time when I used sort. As in not by using available method ex: .sort, I mean by literally writing it.
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    when hr ask any sorting problem , just call sort() and tell them u like to spend more time on deal with real life problem
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    @irene the problem is not sort, it’s to write all test cases have to test the sort 🤦‍♂️
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