Anyone of you have any idea how to go sleep earlier? I was on sick leave for a week and usually watched movies or coded something to 6AM and now just lay on the bed for 3-4 hours each day and try to sleep. It ends up going to sleep at 4AM and being zombie at work.

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    Stay awake until a proper bed time, then go to sleep. It's a hard reset of your sleep schedule. Or use zquil and be knocked out every night at a proper time.
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    Use this simple technique used by the army to sleep in 2 Minutes.
    Army researchers foun.... ­čś┤
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    I use these very mild sleeping pills I got from my gp. I think it's basically melatonin. Doesn't knock me out but helps me when I need to adjust my routine like that.

    I tend to perk up during the evening, no matter how early I got up and how tired I was during the day.
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    Melatonin is available OTC. Don't know you react to such drugs, but if I were you, I'd stayed 24h withput sleeping, cut coffee 6-8h before going to bed. Then 3-5 pills, then 8-10 of uninterrupted sleep. If won't work, visit doctor and tell him that you have sleeping issues (which you do). He should prescribe either hydroxyzine, mild benzodiazepines, or antidepressants.

    Hydroksyzyna to lek na alergi─Ö, taki zamulacz. Mo┼╝e kiedy┼Ť bra┼ée┼Ť :) albo aviomarin. Ale nie polecam, generalnie tego. Melatonina naj┼éagodniej wchodzi i schodzi.
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