Just to share how awesome are the computers from System76 (and the team also).
A linux war machine at a fair price.

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    @irene damn... you went straight for the napalm carpet bombing on this burn, didn't you? 😂
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    @irene ouch you broke my teeth! ;-)

    In my opinion, the fair price is "under Apple price for the same gear inside".

    And obviously, I won't compare a full tower with a laptop computer.
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    For a war machine I'd imagine an old Thonkpad, not something thin and light like this
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    @7400 you can even kill your PM with thinkpad too, two birds with a stone
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    @7400 Damn, I miss my good ol' T41 too but times are changing.
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    The one thing that kept me from getting one is that the touchpad doesn't seem to be clickable, is it or do you have to use the buttons ?
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    @Hallelouia by clickable, you mean it has a mechanical response like the buttons?

    If so, no it's one piece with the rest of the frame.
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    @blt909 erf, non clickable touchpad is a deal breaker on my end it's just much more convenient IMO. Also these kind of touchpad feel old and cheap.

    I've hope they update their laptops with more recent touchpads I wouldn't mind paying a supplement for it.
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    I currently in love of Pop! OS never tried the Laptop tho
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    @Hallelouia I can understand. I mostly don't use the touchpad, as I work on a desk with a mouse.

    But, in a mobility usage, it could be fine.
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    @wowotek yeah! that's more than a simple ubuntu flavor
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    Looks like an Oryx Pro, which is what I have. They start around $1800, but I chose options on mine to push it to about $2850, shipped.
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    Gods, I hate the clickable touchpad on my new laptop. It needs a light touch to move the cursor but a heavy push to click. Having to do both with the same finger slows me down by at least 50%. And they never seem to work _quite_ right when you leave your thumb on the bottom and pretend it's not clickable.

    Never mind the fact that holding my finger still while clicking it is nigh-impossible because of the difference in force.
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    Yeah, I'm happy to tap and scroll on the unclickable trackpad.
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    @bahua Yes it is, I didn't spend so much but I'm around $2000 shipped to Europe.

    And it's still a far better option than getting a asus / lenovo / whatever ultrabook with stuff I won't use and maybe won't work correctly on linux
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    @bahua yeah I think tap-to-click is the only modern solution! More polite, also.
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    @markie-tee @bahua I like to have physical/mechanical feedback that I clicked.

    And clicking should be an added feature, it shouldn't change the tapping behaviours.
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    I think I know you :D #hosco
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    "fair price" ookkaaaaaaayyyyyy...
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    Absolutely love it. I have a brand new MacBook Pro for work as well, and the Oryx just competely runs circles around it.
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    @zarazas it seems yes ;-)
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    * Obligatory send specs comment *
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