When was last time you had Fight or Argument(restricted only to texting) with your GF/BF/Spouse while coding?

The amount of text typed on phone is more than the code on screen.

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    Fake news. We can't get GFs lol
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    @Stuxnet haha.. I liked the way with sincerity you said it.
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    Thats why I message through my pc so I can type on a real keyboard
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    Never.. She respects my dedication to coding and I respect her, as simple as that
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    I think its a bad idea to argue over text so I try to avoid it
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    Do not give me false hope.. I hoped for a continuation of your awesome story and now this.. 😭

    But my two cents: I think I never had an argument with my gf while coding, because I ignore almost everything while I am coding 😂
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    @Emphiliis so you never noticed you had a fight while coding. Ooh boy you are in big trouble :p
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    Power pet peeve for me.

    Is a fucking argument in slow motion. Pick up the phone if you're that mad.
    And another thing I..

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