Facebook should switch to NodeJS, seriously.
They eat the memory of my devices, that's weird it's only Messenger and Facebook who do this..Don't use Ajax when you don't know how to profit from it without affecting the user experience.

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    Its funny, the things that are chomping away the memory of your devices have 0 to do with the backend tech stack in which it is built.
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    Facebook's backend is a complex mix of languages, from Hack and PHP to C++ and Haskell and custom tools. I don't think Node can ever even approach it in terms of scaling and efficiency.
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    @AleCx04 I'm more confused by the logic: "Their apps aren't well optimised and use too much memory, why not use NodeJS?"
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    What's wasting your memory and battery isn't poorly optimized code. It's the constant use of GPS, microphone, wifi scanning, accelerometers, and all of your other sensors for the purposes of data mining. And storing/sending the data to Facebook, ofc. All of this to build an advertising and psychological profile of you for the express purpose of showing you more ads and influencing your behavior.

    Here's an experiment:
    While your phone is nearby, start bringing up a random big-name product you haven't bought or spoken of lately. Do this for a few days. (Something within your budget and demographic, so probably not a lambo.) Within a few days you should start seeing ads for it. Facebook/messenger doesn't have to be open, just running in the background.

    Or take your phone to a car dealership, again with facebook/messenger running in the background.

    Or: call a couple of dealerships, without visiting.

    You'll see car ads.
    Why? Microphone and call history.
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    @Jilano its trippy. What I like the most is that it is shitting on a tech stack with confidence and authority while being completely misguided :D
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    @AleCx04 Maybe they're a manager?
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    @Root even better :P according to him. He owns a company!! CEO IT IS!!
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    @Root That would actually make sense. We need to probe for more details, like "How long would it take to change the entire stack", etc.
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    Fb messenger used to drain my old phones battery like blno tomorrow. It would be empty within hours. Rediculous.

    Using friendly for fb now. Not sure if it is as bad of a stalker as fb is but it's not see draining the battery too much
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    well, they are already using JS
    what they're using for apps is called React Native
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    @Root FUCKING THIS. Thank you 🤗💜
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    Yea guys, @root have said the truth. My bad, before bashing on a thing I should search a little more on this. In life you upgrade your skills by learning from your mistakes. Thanks to all of you! Good day.
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    That's a rare thing to hear from people.

    Total respect! 😊
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    @Root That's the unique characteristic of a self-made entrepreneur.

    Thanks for your answer btw.
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    @Squarety Of course 😊
    Respect given where earned.
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