Have been working on my project recently, bug fixing, aws configuring, containing the app, etc, etc. I've been sleeping close to 5hrs on average per day, juggling college finals, work, training and project labour, my activity here has been minimal but I figured some people might be going through the same and I wanted to share my last resource dev weapon...the jet fuel of dev fuels imo...DW coffee

I strongly recommend to use it in dire times (not a promo this thing got me through 13 hours of coding straight)

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    @M1sf3t idk but it's strong, maybe they are...

    A pound has last me a year tho you really don't need more than 3/4 cups to stay awake 12 hours.
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    @jespersh I dunno, if it’s 12 highly effective and awake hours, I’d take that over 15 hours of sleep-deprived coding that’s liable to pollute the codebase. :P
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    @jespersh 12 hours of pure coding, after 6 hours of work, 4 hours in college and 2 hour long workout...yeah without caffeine I wouldn't be able to hold 6.

    @AmyShackles mostly deploy and bug fixing, but yeah I was energized and felt almost fresh. That afternoon tho.

    @M1sf3t I would have last longer but I don't like straining my eyes for so long and I had to workout later in the morning.

    @rmrfHead aiming to hibernate next week tbh
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    And i’m sitting here trying to get down my 2 daily lattes to 1 real and 1 decaff 😂
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    That’s some fine coffee you have there. I’ve still got a packet in the cupboard for those looong days.
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    @PreyK something a med student sent me, don't know if it's true lol
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