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    Woah there buddy, you trying to break the universe or what?
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    Never don't stop giving up!
    I think.
    Or don't!
    Don't don't.
    All words have lost their meaning, byeeee
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    So your ambition is to become an arithmetic exception 😑😑😑
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    Now go divide some doubles and floats by Zero. Getting Infinity is always fun to handle...
    (At least in Java)
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    I recall a lecturer in college gave us one problem to solve that included a *VALID* division by zero. I don't recall what it was about, but something not of ordinary algebra. Lims, matrices or smth -- don't remember.

    So.. you have a fat chance to succeed with your division! :)
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    If 1:1 is 1 and 2:2 is 1 etc. then 0:0 must be 1... but computers cant get their shit together...
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    @M1sf3t I watch Eddie woo a lot. Such a great teacher. Explains everything very nicely.
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