Long long ago, I had a dream to start a startup.

Till today I'm not able to find an idea.

Then, I realized ideas cannot be forced. They come when they come.

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    The idea isn't even that important, just put "Blockchain 3.0" in the name /s
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    Find a problem and solve it.
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    @zvyn hahaha.. awesome!
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    @hell hey, that could be a good idea. Just, think of the ethical implication of productisizing (idk how to spell this) it and making money from it before: you don't want to monetize a reliable test for AIDS for example
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    Talk with people who are outside of your circle.
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    @Gnonpi dude, what?
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    Go buy a cheap pocket sided notebook. Carry it with you everywhere. Whenever you have an idea, any idea, no matter how small or stupid, write it down. Every few days, go through the ideas and see what actually makes sense. You wouldn't believe how many of the stupid ones become the best ones.

    Edit: fixed a typo.
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