JS is love indeed

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    I remember I was in a web development course where I was asked MCQ based on these inconsistencies. I mean, what is the fucking point of asking questions based on these.
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    @vishal-vp that's the saddest JS story I have heard 😂
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    @vishal-vp perhaps to understand JavaScript intricacies so you can avoid them in production code and not get bit in the ass?
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    I dont see inconsistencies? Every operator is doing exactly what it should.
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    But i get the behavior at least for the - since the + is a multifunctional operator in most high level languages for string concatenation while the - is not and js is weakly typed
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    @vishal-vp no wonder we have so many dropouts in cs
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    Typescript fixes this by knowing what types your dealing with. Like what do you expect to happen when you add an int to a string ?
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    I feel it’s perfectly make sense.
    String concat a number will return a string. Minus can only applies on numbers. What does ‘5’+-‘2’ even mean? String cannot subtract, so ‘5’+(-2) is squat to ‘5-2’.
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    Then typescript change the clusterfucj
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    Just use parseInt/parseFloat and stop whining. You’re doing math with strings and complaining that it’s weird.
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    All of these make perfect sense, except for Anon using an asterisk for an equals sign
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