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    Am I the only one who would get this ruined by constantly playing with it? 😂
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    I don't think I'd use it... I rarely use keyboard functions (other than the num pad) that take my hands off the home row.
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    I think ctrl+{X C V} is plenty fast and convenient enough. but that definitely is an interesting and cool idea.
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    omg 😍
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    I would totally use that. The fact that C and V are right next to each other, there are SO many times that I will copy something, highlight the text I want to replace... Just to accidentally hit ctrl-C instead of V and need to start over again. I can't be the only one.
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    @Yankeesrule also this. hate when that happens. switched to Dvorak. not a problem anymore. 😂
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    @corscheid I can't even imagine learning a new keyboard at this point. Maybe I'll enable it on my phone and see how bad I fuck up.
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    Would be a nice shift away from switching between Mac and PC machines to have some unified mechanic.
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    @Yankeesrule so worth it. you'll soon discover how archaic and purposely inconvenient typing on qwerty is. though on my phone, I keep qwerty for gesture typing purposes. Dvorak works with this, but the gestures would all be so linear and not as much moving from letter to letter as on qwerty.
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    Maybe add it to the side of my mouse, along with a ";" key
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    Just remap the copy/paste function on a single key and here you have something even easier to use ;)
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    Or you could get a better mouse with many remappable buttons and assign copy and paste to one of those. You mostly use mouse for copy and paste you know :)
    Except if you are using touchpad... well then I dont know :)
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    @Yankeesrule use a clipboard history manager. It's changing life.
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