Tried getting enough sleep for the Monday and failed miserably.
First, I made my kids washed, like usual, around 6pm. Then tried to put them to sleep. The younger one went to sleep, the older refused. Wanted to play, run, jump, sing and scream. After an half an hour his screaming woke up younger. Now I had two kids to put to sleep back again.
The younger is one year old and requires more attention, otherwise cries.
After serious fight the older was forced to sleep. He tried to jump over me, bite me, kick, hit, eat chocolate, wanted to pee, then jump, run and fight again. I ended up lying him forcibly in the bed, holding his hand by kind of a block, so that he couldn't move to much. Took 15 minutes, but he felt asleep. It was 22. Joys of having 3yo kid.
After more 30 minutes and a bottle of milk the 1yo was sleeping.
At 2am the older woke and cried. I woke, tried to make him calm, he pushed me away and went back to sleep. Now it's 3:40, my sleeping pill wore off, and I won't take another one, because I need to get up at six.

This is how you get a good night's sleep before having a busy week.

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    Next time try "sudo sleep" :D

    Joke aside, I deeply sympathize.
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    I DO hope you did not give him any chocolate before sleep :)
    Vaporized lavander oils (using air humidifier) in the room seem to be working for me.
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    Is it just me, or does the older one sound a bit spoiled?
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    Thanks for almost exactly describing my night. You're not alone.
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    @netikras i did not. He used a stool, a spoon, got a jar of nutella, and opened it. All by himself. Before I realized what was going on.
    "Johnny, Johnny"
    "Yes papa?"
    "eating sugar?"
    "no papa"
    All with moutg covered in chocolate.

    Lavender? I'll give it a try.
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    Just stop having sweets in house. That's coffee for them.
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    Have you tried a nice heavy rope?
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    @h4xx3r impossible, im hooked on sugar :)
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    @seraphimsystems I already though about it. Or plain old duct tape.
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    Then enjoy a hard time xD
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    It's ironic that on typical day, there are no problems on putting them to sleep. And the younger acts like a alarm clock before 6 am. But not this time.
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