Hi, my name is bohr and I'm a recovering distro hopper.

It all started with Ubuntu, out of my frustrations with the unintuitive nature of DOS I gravitated to a Unix environment which Ubuntu naturally solved. But I quickly became annoyed with the laggy nature of it's daily usage. So I switched to Linux mint. Loving the HTML/css/js configuration aspect of cinnamon I thought it was the answer to all my problems. But I became annoyed with apt and it's lack of a few programs I wanted. This got me to look into an arch based distro, because pacman seemed like the answer to my problems. Unfortunately there are way too many arch distros to use. I experimented with antegros' many DE options: gnome, kde, i3, deepin, openbox... Always finding something wrong. I tried manjaro and it's many flavors, still being annoyed with minute aspects of the os. Out of frustration, with the deep configuration settings I was getting into and the need to actually focus on the work being done on the computer I crawled back to Linux mint. But now my friends, I have decided that maybe it's time to just use a more established distro? Maybe gnome isn't actually that bad? Maybe I need to give it another try? And that is why, I promise, this is the last hop for me. Arch Linux, Gnome here I come and I'm ready to commit this time!...

But have you guys seen POP!_OS? Woah, I bet it would solve all of my problems....

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    But hey, POP!_OS uses apt! You'll just be in the same spot you were when you decided to switch to Arch-based!
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    @infernalempress but is so pretty! My completely subjective taste in design might outweigh my problems with apt
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    Just use Arch for real eith GNOME. Its really pretty actually works compared to fucking ubuntu.

    Just watch baby WOGUE. You Will understand the tag.
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    I find Ubuntu quite a bohring distro myself.

    I actually don't but the pun was too good 😅
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    @jeeper Mmm, CentOS uses yum as a package manager right?
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    @bohr been a while since I used it but yes I’m pretty sure it does
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