End user when criticizing a developer for 'taking long' to create something of value from scratch:
(4 hours later): "What's taking you so damn long? Are you retarded?"

Oh I don't know, maybe I have to make sure that tests in my code run well, maybe I have to evaluate everything to meet the custom satisfactions of the user for his ever-so-custom requirements and I also have to make sure I discard what they don't like? And maybe it takes time to deliver a quality product, and so on?
Or would you prefer I deliver an untested product that I didn't bother to think about and I haven't bothered to make sure it matches with their requirements?

What end users don't understand is the involvement in a quality product.

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    And when roles are reversed:

    User: This is SUPER URGENT, I have problem with X
    Me (after 20 seconds): What browser do you use?
    User (after 5 hours): Google
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    Although I'm always polite and never start a conflict and such... if someone talks to me like that or insinuates to my boss that I'm responsible for some bullshit I just turn the tables and fuck he/she right on the spot.
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