This basically is me rambling all my thoughts that have been clouding my mind.

Learning other programming languages after learning the first is harder than I expected. I learned python first but that's making learning others (which I know arent similar but ) C, ES6, PHP, etc. I need to figure out what makes each one special and get a proper path instead of learning them all the same way. Which is easier for the web dev languages but fuck man I just need a good path for them and I'm good. Like learn this this this this that and that and I've got a basic understanding of the language I dont need to stress and I can casually build my knowledge from here now that I understand all this. Cause I love programming and I want to be the best I can be and just get to the level I am with python. And at some point I have to learn about basic electronics and learning how to program Arduinos with C so I can do stuff with that because I really really REALLY want to.

It doesnt stop there. I want to learn another language and no I'm not talkin bout programming anymore I mean I wanna learn Japanese and German (but japanese primarily) but it doesnt help that I'm always either in school, studying, programming, or playing games. I just cant find time to practice Hiragana&Katakana (two basic writing systems in japan) and it doesnt help that I'm a lazy procrastinating piece of shit that doesnt have or can keep a proper schedule and hell I barely can English and Its my native tongue. Ugh. Itd be better if I had a native speaker to help me tbh.

And finally I want to learn basic pixel animating I have dreamed as a kid to do some kind of animation and programming and I want to do both for games I want to program for fun but it doesnt help that I cant draw sprites or anything for shit. I cant get it and I just am fucked but I'm going to ask some people I know and a few subreddits for advice/help/resources with that

Welp that was the Bubbles Power Hour none of you probably are keen followers of mine and if I had any I'd be shocked and honored but thanks for reading anyways and any advice on anything is always appreciated!

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    I think I should probably day that learning programming languages is almost useless unless one needs them. I've found that the best tool for learning one is a project. It might seem like a repeat of what everyone is saying and dammit, it is.

    That said, I think most people drop their projects because they either lose interest in them or they never had any interest in it to being with.

    Anyway, one really does need a problem to solve first to keep on track.
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    @BadFox I dont disagree I think that's a good Idea. But i feel like i should have a good understanding on each language. So I agree in the sense of doing that with JavaScript or PHP or C# even but C I wouldnt be able to do that because of how unique it is.
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    @Bubbles we have specialization for a reason. There are too many languages and you can't know or even be good enough at each one. Joy of the brain's limitations. Eidetic memory would be so nice.
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    @BadFox but only knowing one language can be limiting plus I just want to learn as much as I can. I'm not gonna go over board tho just learn what I need I've already learned a few just need to learn a few more and practice
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    If you want to learn as much as you can stop wasting time with languages. They are just tools to express yourself not the programming itself. Learn logic, how the CPU works internally, move to assembly, recognise the need for abstraction, work with C, play with the stack and the heap, make a self rewriting code for the sake of it, go a bit into exploitation and how the web works IP,TCP,UDP NAT traversals you name it, start with the polymorphism and dont just stop after encapsulation and inheritance, learn about the bounded quantification problems that it might cause, learn to develop architectures, apply design patterns, async shit, dont forget the algorithms and the data structures,build up your understanding of the core principles to understand why you dont need to worry about languages. And never stop building shit! Have fun and learn one thing at a time with each new project,NOT a language, concentrate on the important stuff.Everything else is just a fancy way of saying it=syntax.
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    Tip: Learn JavaScript and PHP (pure, no frameworks).
    I would say C++, but you can't really apply C++ if you don't have a project that already needs it, Web stuff is more practical.
    I recommend those just because they aren't simple, but after learning their syntax is easier to learn other languages (easier ones).
    The syntax is all the same over languages, just a few more ()s and ;s
    Also, the Easiest is Ruby... But not as practical except for ruby on rails.
    Btw, install Qpython on android and check their examples for extra stuff (I like to check python web libraries from times to times but never used them yet)
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    Then, do a project that uses the language you just picked/learned. You don't need to finish it but the practice helps a lot.
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    @GyroGearloose I was planning to learn pure JS and PHP anyways and learning frameworks later. I never learn frameworks before I have a basic understanding of the language.
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    @Bubbles :p Just create a project and learn as you go when you don't know what to do next :D
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    @GyroGearloose itll be a lot easier for the web dev languages than C but I'll try and see what happens
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    @SKDown thank you, was going to comment something similar.

    @Bubbles he's right, it's better if you focus on core knowledge and techniques rather than a bunch of languages and frameworks.
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