Running from my job to my bus stop while having my phone in my hands trying to fend off a cyber attack while my hands are nearly freezing and its raining like hell.

Sometimes my job is just fucking awesome.

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    I love days like that, it’s rewarding and challenging at times. Slow days are repetitive and bore me. Hope your day lightens up and you get it all figured out!
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    @Linuxxx likes that movie life 😉
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    Oh man I forgot that, you and @linux must have witnessed lots of cyber attacks, but how could you manually defend, I mean I'm sure you guys have firewall, monitoring, and some sort of alert when sudden event happens
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    While running, I can't even answer calls. 😛
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    @gitpush Tbh it's not that fancy at all but well, technically I was fending of an attack so yeah haha.

    Firewall somehow didn't pick it up right and that's when I come in :P
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    Sounds like a cringy anime movie lol
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    @Linux oh man I fucking hate anime haha
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    I’ve always wondered, how do you detect cyber attacks? And once you’ve detected them how can they be mitigated?
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    The only time it rains like me it is playing Slayer on the background.
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    @linuxxx an answer of @FelisPhasma would be great :)
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    Sounds like the Watchdogs game by Ubisoft is based on you
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    @JoshBent For ddos attacks we use a country wide mitigation solution, as for this attack, it seemed like (not a ddos) shitloads of resources were being requested which caused a dos and manually had to get the offending ip addresses and kick them out through the firewall :)
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    @linuxxx so you essentially null route him, while redirecting the ddos to hardware solutions?
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    That sounds like a scene from Mission Impossible.
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    Be a hero!
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    Or better, be like
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