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    If he can become a professional developer, there may be hope for me yet 😂 just gotta learn how to make those android apps using HTML!
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    @Elyz I mean its possible to make a page into android app by software but thats all. Also HTML isnt a programming language. Its even in its fucking name HyperText Markup Launguage.

    Now imagine getting 12 PMs from people like him on XDA about porting a ROM to new device. Yeah i ignore them all.
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    Just because no one ever managed to write a software that turns 1 GB RAM into 4 GB RAM doesn't mean it ia not possible. This guy might be a pioneer!
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    "an software" tho..
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    How to create an Html App...
    Learn Html
    Learn Javascript
    Write the pages for the App
    Install Android studio
    Google WebView code for android
    Put the site in the app folder, load it to WebView
    Stop asking fucking stupid questions.
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    Btw, whats a profesnal? Something to do with Anal? Anal medication? Anal Pro?
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    That's why we don't outsource to India 😂
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    I'm calling the police
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    1. Technically, you can upgrade 1GB RAM to 4GB by placing an order online(which at the end of the day a software) and replace or add to the existing hardware(if it supports the upgrade)which . In binary, you can DO it.

    2. This is beyond me! I surrender.
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    1. SoftRam95. Results may vary from 1GB to 4GB of RAM (typically 0 bytes increase), but it requires a floppy drive, Windows 3.1 or better, 18MB of HDD space and a 486 or better.

    2. run an Apache server to host the app's GUI then just force-open a browser to localhost if you're so desperate to ONLY use HTML.
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    Well, his name is Deepak. What did you expect?
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    @geronimo do u know what it means??
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    Deep down we all know that we can use vpn to get FREE internet.😂😂
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    @shiv7071007 no, what?
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    @geronimo lamp sort of, like candle
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    No, I said that because of chopra
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    Well to be fair to him, HTML is great for programming RAM.
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    You can increase your ram using software.
    It's called swap / on-disk paging.
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    @Elyz did you say android?
    React native, Vue some native, Flutter, C, Xamarin are your options..
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    May God have mercy on those who think html is not a programming language
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    Legends say the first super Mario game released was made using HTML & NoCSS!
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    jUst do:

    while(RAM != 4){

    just pUt in cmd.
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    @finncyr this code will increase my 16gb ram to infinity
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    A. He just took compression to a whole new level.
    B. He is a professional doing market research. No one seems to have seen the true potential of the HTML as a data format in an Android framework. He is working his as of you can just write (compose) an Android app by simply stacking custom elements and linking html files.

    🤣 Sorry no I'm just as delusional as him for a sec. He seems just young and ignorant but should not be destroyed for that. Calling himself *profesnal* is something I have a problem with (the delusional part). Still I feel for the guy and hope this does not follow him his entire life
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    @finncyr Dude you messed up (funny though).
    No unit specified (yep I'm one of those assholes that comes home with a thousand potatoes when asked to get a kilo)
    Not properly initialised as 1 great brit
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    @Root But it defies the point of having a dedicated high speed memory aka the RAM lol
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    @hjk101 fu** haw do me fix dis. Help. RAM not specified. Were is me ram?
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    @GyroGearloose thanks I got 32GB and rickrolled! :DD
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    Well, you can make an "Android app" using HTML, CSS and JS if you design a responsive page and use the Viewport to display it. That's how I "converted" my 3D printer's web UI into a mobile app.
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    @Root I know your point but swap isn't RAM and it don't work like one in the same way. I don't doubt you know that, just mentioning it for those who don't.
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    I can write software that turns 4GB into 1GB
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