I just made the world a little cleaner by not opting for veal today. Instead they are selling insect burgers in Germany and I had two of them.

They are made from buffalo worms, feeded and grown in Germany. No antibiotics. Almost no wasted corn or wheat.

Taste: like a veggie pattie with nuts and seeds. Texture is surprisingly "smooth".

Quite expensive at the moment, but I'll go for it again (€5 for two patties).

Would you try them?

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    I'd rather go with lab grown meet 🙂
    But yeah eating insects will be the future for feeding ever more of us. Although i think in the richer countries it will stay a curiousity and not become the everyday dish.

    mampf, your post fits your nickname 😄
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    @heyheni let's see forward to that.
    30 years ago no one in Germany ate sushi (rice with raw fish).
    And French ppl eat frogs.
    And we eat sea crabs and stuff, the meat is very similar.

    I'm curious what will happen.
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    Yuck ! Worms??
    No way :S
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    If it was life or death I guess I'd eat it. But I'd really rather not.
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    Where did you buy them? Would love to give them a try.
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    Lobster was a poor people thing. Give it a few years. Insect is better than soilent green. Meat is horribly wasteful to raise and feed.
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    These are the ones from "Die Höhle der Löwen" right?
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    Dude, i'd fucking try that shit in a heartbeat.
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    You can buy them at REWE.
    Check the website of bug foundation of they have them.

    Also available in Belgium and the Netherlands.
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    @wholl0p yes it's from DHDL, but it was no deal. They already have investors and some big burger chain is going to sell them soon, too.
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    @mampf I've watched it too haha
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    In something like a patty it’s great - You can totally ignore what it’s made out of as you eat it.

    Insect-based food needs new names, like we have beef, steak, pork, veal etc. To make it more palatable
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    @baeovvulf veal and pork originates from French. Maybe we should lend the new word from French as well?
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    @mampf I wouldn't mind trying, yes

    Same with @heyheni's suggestion. I'm quite curious as to how it must be.
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    @mampf frogs and snails are actually quite uncommon in France, most french people don't ever eat them.

    I did eat snails once, they were quite good never ate frogs though.
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    You know what's way better than that? A fucking steak.
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    @Hallelouia But I ate brain before mad cow desease was a thing.
    It's called Bregenwurst in German and was quite common in small towns. But since then it's just a normal sausage.
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    @mampf my mother eats brain, she says it's good, I can't remember eating some, I like liver.
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    I'll give it a try. Can't be any worse than some meals I ate in the Army. In aspects of healthiness
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    Damn, was no one of you forced to eat earthworms in primary school?
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    Fuck no.
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    It bugs me that nobody is making stupid puns about debugging
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    @R01101111bert usually only windows has worms? 😂
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    I heard on the WSJ's 'Future of Everything' podcast that a few startups are betting on bugmeat going mainstream.

    It's the most cost effective protein to produce and crickets are being grown for that purpose.
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    While people were talking about the worm, I was looking at the onions. They need to be caramelized!!!
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    @pokerface no they don't! 😥
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