I'm never making fun of people who go to Stack Overflow for answers ever again.

I mean, have you guys seen this? A leap-second causing 100% CPU use in MySQL, and a dude figures it out like it was nothing, and provides a quick solution!


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    SO being SO, the question was closed :(
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    You should search for Jon Skeet answers on Javascript datetime functions, some seriously esoteric shit right there.. also DBA.SE got crazy answers and almost every 'Reversal' badge is amazing answer-wise and sometimes question as well.
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    Why would you make fun of people going to SO in the first place?
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    @Stuxnet Friends and co-workers teasing one another?
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    @voodooattack It's worded in a way that came across as one of those assholes that doesn't like it because you should know how to do everything by yourself if you're a "real" programmer.

    Also kinda sounds like you make fun of everyone, not just friends and co workers.

    But alright then lol
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    @Stuxnet Nah, I use SO all the time myself. Not all problems are obvious, and it saves a lot of time when fixing obscure bugs, and I can see the value in that.

    The only thing I really dislike is when someone copies some code from SO into their project blindly out of laziness then starts complaining about it. I mean, how hard is it to write some JS to split strings in a specific way? (surprisingly common case)
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    @voodooattack Completely agree with ya on it.

    I can't understand those people I mentioned. We have these kick ass tools at our disposal, might as well use them
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    Wow! A SO rant with a link! I wish I could ++ this multiple times.
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    @irene I mean... I thought it was kinda was implied you read the documentation first lol
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    @cobolplz yeah, i understand nothing of whatever he's talking about but it's a good read anyways... freaking legend
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    That moment you see a screenshot of a problem you had recently, and this guy fixed my problem 😂

    The internet is a small world after all.
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