Just spent 3 hours trying to debug something that worked yesterday because SOMEONE thought he had a better idea of how to do it. Holy fucking shit. It worked perfectly and you started deleting my code because you didn't understand it. How about trusting that I know what I'm doing since idk I spent 2 weeks reading up on it to be able to write this. What pisses me off the most is knowing he only does this to my code because he doesn't trust me as I am a) younger than him and b) a woman.

STOP ALREADY. JUST FUCKING STOP. So fucking fed up with having my work scrapped in favor of yours because you are a fucking control freak and think I'm stupid.

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    I hope you told him. 😉
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    @PonySlaystation probably will tomorrow. I figured getting into a shouting match wouldn't help him take me seriously anyway so I'll think of how to phrase it in a way he can understand. However it might be hard to get through to someone who's that clearly on the "women are inferior" side of things 😒
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    @Elyz Sounds difficult...
    A firm kick in his tiny balls with a pointy shoe could maybe help him to change his opinion on who's inferior.
    What a donkey cuddler...
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    @PonySlaystation I'll consider it 😂 unfortunately the only other woman in the group is a pushover and lets him do it so it would seem I'm fighting this fight alone 😒 but it's fine. I don't mind being that bitch if I must.
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    @Elyz ask him to come by for a meeting. Disarm him by beeing nice and ask questions about his life. Make your self likeable. Flatter him. Until he feels obliged to return your compliments. Then concern your discontent with what he did. But think first about an outcome you'd like so he gets an exit.

    This behavior is called reciprocity.
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    @heyheni ooh that's very devious, I love it. I shall rip out his heart with truth and make him question his own personality.
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    @Elyz do go ahead and kick his ass. do it as subtly as you want 😁 and obviously update us on how it went
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    @CoffeeNcode oh you bet. It's gonna get ugly, I've been bottling this one up for a while now 😁 juicy drama for another rant, haha!
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    @Elyz somebody has got to do it. And make sure any relevant supervisors are there...
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    @jeeper there are no supervisors, lol. Except him, as he's declared himself leader of the group for some reason :) he can suck my dick tho, I reserve the right to disagree with his decisions and my opinion matters too, as it's also my project.
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    How about confronting him? If that doesn't work, tell him you'll be talking to your boss about this.
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    @Fexell I will confront him. We are doing a university project together, so no boss, which is probably also why he doesn't care about behaving like a child 😒
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    @Elyz reading your rant made me feel sorry for you:///,
    I don't think violence is the way, but maybe giving him the talk of "what do you think your doing? You do realize how hard I am trying? I respect your ideas so please respect mine..."
    You go girl!
    Crush him to the point where he will be afraid to disagree with you!💪
    Wish you the best :))
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    Yeah this pisses me off

    Where does he live
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    @rant1ng sadly I don't know. I've been trying to test his code for the past two hours and none of the old tests run. Not only does he change my code (which worked), he changes it into something that doesn't work :) I might just say some very horrible things tomorrow morning when I see him again.
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    I’m not a woman but I empathize because I’ve had the same thing happen to me at work. At a job where the company is paying me $50 an hour to write code, this fuckwit decides that he knows a better way to do it. And the incredible thing is that the code is worse after the rewrites. Database calls in for each loops, functions that are thousands of lines long, not to mention the hours of wasted time and money. And then when the code gets pushed to production shit explodes and has to be rewritten, often by me or someone else. One of the big problems still with tech is all the on the spectrum man babies who can’t work with a team and think they know everything. Fucking infuriating.
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    The best way to do it is matter of factly, without respecting a Response or validation

    "So I wrote some more code that works the other day, should I save it or are you still in that experimenting with shit code that doesn't work phase" in front of co-workers haha

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    @asinglenoob absolutely. It pisses me off so so much that he can't trust I know what I'm doing or am even capable of looking it up. Maybe I should start micromanaging every line of code he writes.

    So fucking angry I'm literally shaking since I've lost 1,5 weeks of work at this point because this cunt thinks his 1000-lines-longer solution is sooooo much better even though it doesn't work. I'm gonna force him to rewrite every single test that now doesn't work and if he refuses I swear to God I am throwing him out the window.
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    @Elyz the professor is your supervisor in this case
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    @jeeper nothing much they can or will do about it. They expect us to be able to work shit out. Too bad I didn't know what a dirt bag this idiot was before I agreed to be in his group.
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    @Elyz kick his ass we’re all rooting for you! If you ever run into someone like that in a company then remember the key is to document everything, talk to your manager about it, if the asshole is your manager don’t be afraid to go further up the chain. And call bullshit when it happens. Has worked well for me so far. Worst case never be afraid to abandon a shitty workplace that allows assholes to flourish. In my case the asshole sadly still works at the company but he can no longer rewrite my code. And management hears about everything he fucks up and gets to see my forecasted problems happen more and more as time goes on. Also when I was in university any sort of group project had regular reviews of group members that instructors reviewed. If your class doesn’t have this I would advise suggesting it to your instructor because it should be part of the class if it’s not already.
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    @asinglenoob probably a good idea. Honestly at this point I'm just so fed up and tired of being disrespected for no God damn reason other than the fact that I dared to be a woman stepping into a male dominated field I'm considering just dropping out. Women can't write code, am I right? Who do we think we are? 😂
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    @Elyz please don’t drop out. We need more normal people in tech. I love tech, like I love working in code, working on computers, reading about new tech advancements, and I want there to be more normal people who also love tech in the field. And I hate to see people feel like they have to leave a field that’s so awesome and rewarding to work in because they were born a different gender or whatever. The only people I don’t want in tech are more assholes and if you drop out it’s another slot that an asshole might take up.
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    @asinglenoob just way more assholes than I ever imagined possible. It's starting to get to me. So annoyed but I probably just need to sleep on it. I appreciate the encouragement though.
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    @Elyz still, if it comes down to needing to appeal the grade or something, at least establish a paper trail and keep copies of your code
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    Thank you this rant made my day. I don't think it's just a female thing but the control-freak coming at you -- only because this has happened to me a lot and I have considered bridge jumping.
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    life is about happyness or the absence of happyness.
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    git revert
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    Sounds like one of these self pro claimed managers at my school, all the best programmers i have been working with at my school, was like the opposite of a control freak.
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    Shit like that sometimes happens to me as well, and I'm a man with 19+ years of experience. Some people just think they always know it better.

    C = colleague, M = me.
    C: hey man what did you do? This can never work!
    M: well, it does work, please look closely at the code.
    C: no man look! You're putting x on the wrong y. Can never work.
    M: no,.please look carefully. It's done like that for a reason (provides thorough explanation).
    C: ok but why not put x on z instead of y? It should work.
    M: that's what I thought too initially. But turns out it doesn't, because of what I just explained.
    C: but it doesn't work.
    M: I see the problem. You forgot to set that value, so of course it doesn't work. Just set that value and it'll work properly.

    Then in C's PR he changed it completely. Wtf dude! And guess what. It doesn't work. Duhhhhh. Spent hours together with another colleague to find a solution and you change it because you think you always know it better. Guess what, you don't, asshole.
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