Bank forces me to change my password. Figured I'd use Safari's strong password generation. Submit. Password changed.

Go to log in with new password. Password not saved because I had previously told Safari not to save this site's password.

Okay… so the strong password you JUST generated and submitted without showing me is now my banking password but neither of us knows what it is?

Fucking brilliant. I mean at least let me fucking copy it so I can store it in my password manager. The most hilarious thing is the message that appeared on the generated password saying my password would be available from Safari preferences. Yup, nope. Nothing there except a note saying no passwords will be stored for this site.

This is the state of Apple in 2018, folks. Fucking sad.

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    Ewww Safari is awful
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    It gets even worse. So I go through the whole process again, including the two-factor authentication crap, get to the form to pick a new password and do the auto-gen thing again, but I didn't like the first one and wanted to re-roll it.

    Nope. You get one suggestion for a strong password, with no configuration options and no ability to re-roll it. This is your password. Take it or leave it.

    Fuck you, Safari.

    I'm starting to think @Stuxnet is right.
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    Safari? Are you a project manager or something? You know all the real browsers are available for Mac too, right?
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    @bahua "Well, I'm having a hard time finding Internet Explorer for my Mac, mate!"
    But anyway, I agree with you. I read his sentence as sarcasm at first ("using Safari's secure password generator").
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    "Internet Explorer? Never heard of it. That E is the button for the internet."
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    @bahua I recently ditched Chrome because it was draining my battery and preventing my computer from going to sleep, not to mention wasting so much memory.

    Safari actually runs much better than Chrome. It's faster and more efficient.

    But it has stupid unforgivable shit like this that just ruins any benefit. Who the fuck cares how fast a browser is if it fucks you over like this when you depend on it.
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    @bahua Haha! The truth hurts, you know...

    "please bing go to the google"

    @devios1 Have you tried something like Waterfox?
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    Not to mention, safari prevents the display and download of CSV files by default, citing security concerns. WTF?
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    I ran into this same exact problem when using a password manager I no longer use - it had an option to Generate and autofill the said autogenerated password when registering.... would have been great if it actually saved the said password before or after it was autofilled and submitted...
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    @bahua didn't you know? CSV - "Censored Security Vulnerabilities" ... can't allow that on the most secure OS in the world with no viruses.

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    @Jilano No I haven't. I tend not to use forks/nightly builds.

    Is Firefox good still/again? It's been a while since I used it as my main browser.
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    Firefox can get a little heavy, but I can't live without its functionality. I still use it as my main browser on Mac. For sites that require Chrome I use Vivaldi.
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    @M1sf3t As far as debugging goes I'm pretty much stuck with Safari because of its ability to remote-debug a WKWebView running inside an iOS app (as our main product uses).

    But I've been using Safari like that for a couple years already just as my web debugger but not my main browser.
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    @M1sf3t Haha I know. Safari and Chrome share a much more recent common ancestor.

    Firefox is like another genus altogether.

    It's especially noticeable in the developer tools.
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    Ew Safari
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    @devios1 well firefox devtools predates the others (including the browsers) with half a dossen years

    It was FF that made client side dev tools to begin with and I stay fait full to it :)
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    Just use 1password, problem solved =)
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    @jeffmon A password manager* I'd recommend any open solution :)
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    I use LastPass and ran into similar problem before lol.. Since then I always generate (but not fill in directly) and copy the password then fill it in manually. Much more work but now I feel so safe all the time <3
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    I prefer safari on my 2016 mbp as well. I'd initially prefer using firefox or chrome, but they just don't seem to work that well when it comes to temperatures and battery life.

    Safari with many tabs open will rarely make me go above 45° C. Chrome and mozilla have no problem taking me to 70° C, and usually won't even go as low as 40°, even with just one tab open. Fuck that shit.
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