Oh dear, another Tuesday!
That means I'll probably get chewed out for something in front of the entire company. What for, you ask? The boss is inventive, so it could be anything.

Instead, I'm calling in sick and taking the day off. 😊

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    Boss still wanted me on the call despite taking a sick day.

    > "Can't you rest now so you can be on our one call for the week?"

    Nope. Not going to work when I'm taking a sick day. First one in like four years, and I'm using it specifically because I can't stand YOU. Ugh!
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    just search for a new job lol. your career is getting out of hand if you ask me 😂
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    @Admin-who That's what I've spent the last week doing instead of working 😅
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    @Root that's the way to go with that shitty boss👌🏻
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    Root'ing for ya. Heh. hehe. Heh...
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    @Root please do something "spectacular" for your boss once you leave. 😁
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    You seriously need a new job!!!
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    If your boss asks why you're leaving give him a RCA 😂
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    Goodness. I REALLY WISH AND HOPE YOU FIND A NEW BETTER JOB ASAP!!!! Reading this makes me more mad. I'm patient but not with such stupidity and ignorance.
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    How about a mirror? A tape recorder? 🤔

    Decisions, decisions.
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    @Root baseball bat, chainsaw....hrm... 😂

    Possibilities are ENDLESS!
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    Still got yelled at twice today despite calling in sick.

    And a backhanded apology, which surprised me. It qas him saying I misunderstood him and then over clarifying what he said, but in a barely-noticeable apologetic way.

    He also wants me to work at the office next to him all week next week to "figure out how to work together." That's code for telling me all the things I do wrong and demanding I change because... reprimands, and/or empty promises, if I'm lucky.

    Fuck that.
    I'm quitting.
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    What a jagoff!
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    If only I could call in sick and not have to work. My manager sucks, so I usually end up working from home.

    I'm currently back home for the holidays and still attend meetings over video calls.

    My boss is awesome which is why I stay
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