Ok, I’m over windows. Done with it.

I have been a long time windows, I’ve used most versions since 3.11, and have used Linux for a few years on the side (not as a daily but have needed it for work and servers) but with yesterday’s update, not only have I lost audio for the countless time again, as far as Windows is concerned there’s nothing fucking wrong with it, besides the lack of sound and all.

Drivers are reinstalled, deleted and reinstalled, redownloaded from manufacturer, different drivers installed.
Ran a system restore back to before the update and just dropped the hdd into another laptop (it’s identical model) and still no fucking audio (to exclude the audio chip as failing)

So fuck it, I’m spending my weekend finding a distro that will work, I’m fucking done!

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    Funny how all these rants about Windows come from Linux users, the supposed ’hacker’-demographic within IT, that can’t seem to handle the most common OS in the world. Funny.
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    @HughRant I know right, sadly I’ve always enjoyed Windows for the desktop environment over Linux, as I said I’ve used Linux for mostly servers so yea I know my way around a terminal, but I know my way around windows better and up till W10 wouldn’t have a reason to change my mind.

    This isn’t a rant about Linux being better, but I have had nothing but issues with W10, and have done many fresh installs due to boot loops that the only solution was to reinstall, this is a rant of windows breaking a very long time user.
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    *Notices speakers are on mute*

    *Silently deletes rant*

    Jk. Windows sucks.
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    @devios1 😂if only.
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    I wonder if Microsoft have moved to a "test in production" strategy, like Apple. Rather than spend a bunch of money on testing, they just release updates and get feedback from customers on what does and doesn't stick. Because that's how it looks.
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    @bahua wait apple test on prod?
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    Can often take me more than a day to get my any one of my Windows OS's up and running.

    Can take weeks..

    Or months sometimes !

    Just in time for another update to screw something else up..

    This is probably how the Wright Brothers felt..
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    > spending my weekend finding

    > a distro that will work

    I'm reminded how many decades it took me to find one that worked !

    And that was on the wrong PC..
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    @HughRant most common doesn't mean most user friendly or easy to debug.
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    I have this issue on my laptop, but with Linux, and only as root. It'll play sound all day as a normal user, even detecting headphones being inserted/removed and switching instantly, but as root? Nope, fuck me! This has happened with Debian (unsure which version) and Fedora 28 (does this broken pile of shit count as a distro?) and it's pissing me the fuck off. I just wanna watch my videos and do root things at the same time, I don't wanna switch ttys every 2 minutes!
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