Finally got my Bluetooth earphones!
It's called Pamu Scroll, funded in Indiegogo.
I bought it for $49 without shipping fee.
Now let me write a review about it here after using for about an hour or so.

1. Shipment
Shipment from China is slow and hard to track unless it is classified as EMS, which mine wasn't, obviously.

2. Packaging
It has some shock protection layer, but without that, nope! It was staying still inside the packaging though.

3. Design
Beautiful. Just beautiful. Period. Just see the picture below.
It opens as a papyrus, maybe that's why it is called Pamu Scroll. Both the case's end, and earphones itself has magnets to hold each other.
It has a leather feeling to both the inside and outside of the case, and the touch control area of the earphones is also leather feeling, adding a nice touch that differs with other earphonnes.
The diamond feeling finish in the end of the case makes the case itself isn't earphones, more like some expensive jewelry case.

4. Fit
My ears are smaller than most people, for I am young, so it sometimes fall off when I jump, but when I put it the correct way, never falls out.

5. Audio
I am not an audiophile. I don't really care about the audio quality and how it sounds like unless the sound is too cringy and has so many white noise.
This earphones has white noise, but just a little bit, you won't notice except when you are in a quiet room.
The bass is boosted, but low sounds, and vocals can be cringy sometimes, so I should manually tune them with my phone's equalizer.

6. IPX6
Not tested yet, but they advertise as using it in the shower.

7. Stereo call
Yup. Stereo call. Call in both ears. But only right microphone seems to get the voice.

8. Pairing
Using BT 5, it is a breeze to connect.
Take both of them out, put to your ear, then ding! "Connected"

9. Charging
with micro-usb
wireless charging for optional purchase - 10 bucks

10. battery
Reasonable amount
You have 3.5 hrs of listening time in both ears, and you can charge 2 times more each by putting in the case.


Overall, it is awesome and let's just pray it doesn't break for at least for an year.

One side note, I can activate assistant by double tapping in the left ear (yes it is touch control), but my S8 asks me if I want to customize with Automate/Tasker. Yup!
Will share that later as well.

If you have any questions, ask me! Thanks for reading my first ever product review in devRant! <3

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    3.5 hrs of battery time? Well I know why I'm not a fan of wireless head(/ear)phones.. I mean I can't really expect more from such small things, but they won't survive my music sessions at all.

    Thanks for the review though!
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    Cool stuff, I don’t really understand much about audio and music, I’ll look at it later
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    @jonii I never listen 1 hour straight, so no problem for me. Techinically when all summed up, you can listen 10 hours in single charge
    There are other better ones out there, but this is the cheapest, and the real reason I bought this is because of the cradle (case) design
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    @irene yeah that's what I thought. I don't get this AirPod hype at all. I'm currently trying to find good nc headphones, but I kinda still don't want any wireless ones. Even 8 or 16 hours can be a problem when I'm on festivals or travelling for days.

    Edit: Maybe I'm just too stuck on being afraid to have no music :D
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    Damn i thought it was a gun silencer.

    Not a big fan of wireless audio transmission tho, im more like old school tube driver audio. Good review tho, will check it out.
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    I bought some random ones for 10 bucks from a grocery store with a 4h battery life :/
    Tbh sound quality and comfort are the most important aspects for me in headphones. But I'm happy with my current ones.
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    @irene well got a great deal on a used pair Teufel Mute (wired) now, they got a battery for nc, but those last up to 40h and the headphones still work without them.
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    Sounds reeeaaallyy crappy
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    Looks delicious
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