I have that desire (which is with me since I was kid) to build a drone (Quad-copter) and control it with my hand gestures.

So, I decided to start with it in my spare time, I am planning to buy a Raspberry PI and other materials to build the drone, and create a Gesture Recognizer app using OpenCV.

Wish me some luck !

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    I wish you luck!
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    Good luck!

    Just curious... isn't rpi too power-hungry for the job?
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    @netikras yup, but I think after I finish this task, I will it will be useful for some other tasks
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    Arduino Uno might suffice if you're planning to keep it as is. I've seen builds with those.
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    I have a stormdrone 2 gathering dust ... Drones are nice, but learning to fly them is harder than it looks ( mine has no gps/collision detection etc)
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    One thought from a somewhat seasoned RC veteran: what if a bee / wasp/fly/whatever is annoying you? With a regular RC control, taking a hand off the stick isn't much of a thing, but with gesture control...
    Or are you gonna fly indoors only?
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